Small Homes in Britain

Well this won’t come as a surprise to many of you, but apparently, developers in the UK are cutting corners to maximise profits, with the result that British homes are now the smallest in Europe.

The Royal Institution of British Architects reckons that the average newly built one bedroom home in the UK now only offers around 495 square feet of living space. A traditional double garage is around 300 – 400square feet, which rather puts that in to perspective! Absolutely tiny. About as much space as you might find on a double decker bus.

Unlike the double decker bus though, they’re also poor in natural light.

If you want bigger homes or more space, why not try moving to Dublin, where the Irish benefit from homes which are, on average, 15% larger than those in Britain. The Danes are also very fortunate, and appear to live in mansions by comparison to us Brits, with the average family home being four to five times the size of those in the UK! That would certainly make me consider moving…

With no firm regulations pinning down exact minimum sizing standards for housebuilders in the UK, homes have simply been getting smaller and smaller. And it’s not only the size that has been suffering – it’s the quality, too. Remember that double decker bus? Well, you’re going to get far more natural light on one of those than in any newly built home in Britain, which have small, cramped windows that allow only a small amount of light to creep in to their small, cramped rooms.

The Royal Institute of British Architects has set up a campaign for bigger, brighter home and have built a website to promote it. Just do a quick search for “Without Space and Light”. With the new homes that are currently being built offering a massive 100sq ft less space than the existing overall average size of home, the trend is still on a firm downwards trajectory.

But what to do? What would you do? Restrictions on building on greenbelt land slow development and push developers to build their stock on smaller plots. The gap between supply and demand for homes in the UK is such that we need hundreds of thousands of extra homes to be built, and fast – but how can we achieve this and maintain standards? Many, including RIBA, are arguing for minimum standards regarding build quality, natural light and size, and maybe, just maybe, the government is beginning to take notice. Menawhile, here at Attic Self Storage we just keep doing what we can to help people out with personal storage units to fill the gap.

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