Solution for your Self Storage needs in London

Solution for your Self Storage needs in London Self Storage in London

Self storage is widely used by a number of individuals from businesses to private individuals for a number of reasons such as moving house or office building, building alterations to home or businesses, excess stock or equipment, stock storage, archive storage and much more.

Self storage is nothing but the ability to rent a secure, dry, clean room in a warehouse, giving you the ability to access your possessions as and when you need. Whether it’s personal belongings or storage for business use, Attic Storage can provide you the best solutions for all your storage needs. If best services are what you’re looking for, then Attic Storage are the best for self storage in London. We have great experience in providing safe, secure and convenient storage for many years. We make your security our priority and we use the most efficient security systems to ensure that your belongings have a safe stay.

Choose Attic Storage for all your storage needs

You can put anything into the storage units of this London Storage company and you can be sure it will be protected by CCTV cameras, sophisticated fire and burglar alarms and our own vigilance. All your belongings will be stored at a single place and be locked with your own padlock. Thus you’ll be the only one to have access to your storage unit and you can be sure you’ll find everything just the way you left it. This London storage company provides you with 24/7 access and you will not be charged any extra money. Our storage unit is well protected by the elements.

If you’re looking for self storage in London, then your search will definitely end with Attic Storage. For all your storage requirements contact us at Attic Self Storage Limited 1 Maverton Road London E3 2JE, Fax: 020 8981 6810, telephone: 020 8981 6800, email:

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