Space Exploration In The Year 2021

With homes shrinking and sofas, TV sets and Zoom-friendly bookshelves growing, Attic can help you get more out of your space. Even with social distancing.

As one of London’s youngest, most dynamic and rapidly expanding storage companies (4 facilities and more launching soon) Attic Self Storage are totally obsessed with space.

Not in the same way as Elon Musk, Richard Branson or that amateur astronomer you met in the park on 21/12/2020 who kept banging on about the Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn being ruined by cloud cover and ambient light pollution... oh no.

At Attic we’re more into finding the answers to practical earth-bound questions such as ‘how much storage space do you need to declutter your life and make the place you call home feel more spacious and less constricted?’.

The Incredible Shrinking House

You may have noticed that houses in the capital – and across the UK in general – are becoming more shoebox-sized by the day. We’re all living in smaller and smaller spaces, with less cupboard room, closet space, and overall room to stretch our legs, relax and breathe.

The average living room is now less than 17 square metres – a reduction of more than 1.6 square metres in a decade. Compared to the previous ten years, homes built from 2010 onwards are over 4 square metres smaller. And to make things slightly worse, we now all have to make sure we’re at least two metres from the nearest human as soon as we leave the front door.

So, if your luxury rabbit hutch is littered with books, boxes, clothes and clutter – that’s where we fit in. Just in case you hadn’t rumbled us already.

Need More Space? There’s Only One Place

Attic Self Storage lead the way when it comes to offering London-wide high-tech CCTV protected storage units in a huge range of different sizes.

At the moment, we still follow the industry standard and use old fashioned feet instead of metres as our unit of measurement. But hopefully the following suggestions will give you a better idea of exactly how much space is fitting for you. You can always use our handy storage calculator too.

15 square feet

XS If you’ve only got a few bits and bobs you need to keep safe, one of our 10 or 15 square feet units might do the job. It’ll give you enough room to clear the contents of, say, a small Tesla or a large wardrobe (minus the lion and the witch). That’s roughly space for 12–15 medium-sized boxes plus a couple of cabin-sized suitcases.

S Need a bit more from us? Try upgrading to 25 square feet. Packed carefully this unit can happily hold the contents of a small garden observatory (shed) or let you store the contents of a teenager’s bedroom, including tops, track pants, trainers and rolled up posters of Thomas the Tank Engine and long forgotten K-Pop bands.

M Maybe 50 square feet is more your size. This could be the safe place you’ve been looking for to archive that vintage bubble wrapped Sputnik landing capsule. Or, on more practical level, the contents of 1 or 2 bedroom flat if it will fit into a large transit van.

L 100 square feet. D’you wanna go large with that? This unit can store the contents of a single garage or around two transit van loads of precious possessions. That’s about 100 medium-sized storage boxes full of stuff. Or looking at it another way, a 3-seater sofa, 2 armchairs, a couple of beds with mattresses, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, a dining table with 6 chairs and a large-grey-alien-in-an-Area 51-hoody cuddly toy.

150 square feet

XL 150 square feet. For those with even grander plans. Plenty of room to accommodate the entire contents of a small four-bedroomed house, a medium-sized Mars Rover or the clearance of some tumble down cottage in Wales that your parents moved out of leaving behind three outdoor sheds worth of tools, books and telescopes.

XXL How about a whopping great 500 square foot unit? Big enough to deal with three double garages worth of NASA memorabilia. A home at last for your vintage spacesuit collection, Mars Rover, Space Shuttle nose cone, engine section from the original Saturn 5 rocket* and suspended life-size animatronic replicas of everybody who’s ever done a spacewalk.

*rocket fuel, experimental satellite mounted laser weapons and/or alien autopsies are NOT permitted on the premises, unless you have clearance from GCHQ.

Room For Improvement

Whether your renovating, decluttering, downsizing, clearing a property or setting up a storage hub for a distribution business spanning the entire globe, there’s only one place to come in Lockdown London 2021.

And to aid your memory, here’s a handy three-word mnemonic we’ve just invented –


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