Space: You need it, we hear you scream

space-in-london-855x400Space: The Final Frontier, and Every Self Storage Customer's Dream

After the resounding success of The Attic Cryogenic Self Storage Space offer on April 1st, we’ve checked our SEO stats, Google analytics and web visitor data, and we are very happy to be able to confirm the following:

1. 99.5% of our customers are too smart to swallow any old nonsense from their local storage facility

2. Three people (who shall remain nameless to protect their blushes) are perhaps still smarting with the embarrassment of falling for our little prank

3. We do still have one stubborn hippy who refuses to get out of our fridge. I think he might be starting to go off. Any suggestions?

Okay, we made that last one up, but, trust us, from now on you can go back to believing everything Attic Self Storage tells you. Seriously, having an honest, no nonsense approach and a genuine interest in our customers is what helps to keep our business growing. That and a large dollop of humour, of course.

Although we can’t really offer a space to freeze your head just yet (sorry Callum!) there was a vague logic behind our futuristic April Fool’s Day offering. A method in our madness, you might say. One of our favourite clients is Louis Savy, who runs Sci-Fi-London. He keeps his DVDs and publicity material in a storage space right here with Attic Self Storage. We get on like an hermetically sealed biosphere on fire.

As it happens, last weekend Sci-Fi London had their annual 48-hour film challenge, and we offered up Attic as a potential location for all the budding film makers that Louis got on board. We can’t wait to see the results. I spoke to Louis on the phone earlier today and asked him “What’s next? A Zombie Apocalypse? Collision with planet Nebiru? Shangrila built from the ashes of the old earth?”

“No, Fred”, said Louis – “The 16th annual SCI-Fi-LONDON film festival is what’s next”. 10 days of mind-bending new films and classic movies starting on the 27th April. It kicks off with an exclusive screening of ‘Capsule’ at The Stratford Picture House. There’s also a unique programme of events at Genesis in Whitechapel, Rich Mix in Shoreditch, The Rio in Dalston and a few other venues within a short jaunt of Attic Self Storage HQ on Wick Lane.

Hack Stock at The Trampery in Shoreditch is also just around the corner. Immersive art without boundaries. 29th April until 2nd May. They’ve got Holoquad Holograms, Google Cardboard, the VIVE HTC system, and a whole bunch of other Virtual reality gizmos that you can put on and play around (360 degrees around) with.

“Wow”, I said. “I’ll put that in my blog”.

As always, we’re happy to help promote the businesses that have storage space right here as part of their home, and to support the work they’re doing in the borough. Louis is about to finance another feature length sci-fi movie. We’re hoping the production team might need somewhere to store their robot army, or perhaps recreate the surface of Venus. Attic is an extremely versatile space.

Whether you’re looking to store antique furniture or futuristic beard trimming equipment, we have just the unit you’re looking for. Please speak to our happy, decidedly human team to discuss your options.

If you ring in the next few days, Louis has kindly agreed to offer a free pair of golden tickets to Sci-Fi London’s 2016 launch party. Just say the magic words ‘SCI FI LONDON16’, and they’re yours.

And we promise, this time, it’s no wind up.

Attic Self Storage – in the future, all self storage facilities will be like ours.

Frederic de Ryckman de Betz (Fred)

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