Storage or Broom Cupboard?

Broom-cupboard_zoom_140827145829 London, UK. An estate agent has been instructed to sell a storage cupboard for £7,500 (c.$10,000). Measuring 1.5m by 4m (around 60 square feet), the cupboard is advertised as being within a convenient walking distance of a residential block of flats, with its own access. Although only available for sale to residents of the private gated residential estate on which it is located in Brentford, West London, it is still managing to attract interest at the hefty price of £125 (c$170) per square foot. By comparison, renting a 60 square foot self storage room can cost around £100 a month (implying the broom cupboard will pay itself back in a little over six years). That is nothing compared to a transaction in 2013, when a larger storage space was sold in Highgate, North London. At £260,000, the 250 square foot space achieved over £1,000 per square foot. For the original article please visit

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