Storage space for Valentine's Day gifts

So next Tuesday, the 14th of February, is Valentine’s Day. The perfect occasion to show your partner, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or significant other, all the love you’ve been storing up for them across the year. If you’re going to try a little harder than a bunch of garage forecourt flowers and a crème egg, we’ve got the ideal storage space for that special gift you’ve bought them which won’t fit under the bed. Within reason, of course.

What can and can't you store in our self storage units

There’s nothing quite as romantic as having adequate storage space. So we thought we’d take this opportunity to provide you with a timely Valentine’s reminder of just exactly what you can, and can’t, store in our self storage units as personal storage.

Boxes of love, crates of appreciation

Perishables are a no-no. Big sealed boxes of chocolates are okay (especially if you’re sharing) but anything that’s liable to go off – and attract insects or rodents – is definitely off limits. This doesn’t stop you preparing for surviving the next nuclear ice age with your nearest and dearest, just as long as all the food is in cans and any liquids are in sealed bottles. Seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day, we’d recommend Möet. No live animals (cruel). And definitely no dead ones (unsanitary). Of course, you can rent storage for as many cute stuffed toy pandas and teddy bears holding heart-shaped balloons as you like.

Keep the fireworks in the bedroom

Hazardous materials aren’t permitted. This includes anything that can create damage if spilled or opened. E.g. corrosive chemicals, anything toxic or flammable, petrol, compressed gas, propene tanks, kerosene, lamp and motor oil, fertilisers, anything that is liable to catch fire or explode. Best stick to tea-lights around the bath and woo your loved one in the privacy of your own home. It might seem obvious but we don’t allow firearms, ammunition or explosives. Party poppers – yes. Left over Christmas crackers ­– be our guest. But they may be somewhat inappropriate for that romantic meal you’re planning. We’d suggest salmon, champagne, sorbet and soft candlelight.

A shortlist of approved Valentine's gifts

On a more positive storage solutions note, here is an A to Z list of some of the many splendid things, each a perfect Valentine’s gift, that we do allow you to keep secure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at affordable rental terms:
  • Antique jewellery.
  • Bawdy board games.
  • Clothing (sexy lingerie, rubber gimp suits, whatever turns you on).
  • Dining room tables.
  • Electronic equipment.
  • Furniture (Why not surprise her or him with a new bed?)
  • Gym gear.
  • Household appliances (nothing beats the romance of a new vacuum cleaner).
  • Indian rugs & iPads.
  • Jacuzzis (unplumbed).
  • Kitchen equipment.
  • Lazy Boy reclining chairs.
  • Manolo Blahniks.
  • Night vision binoculars.
  • Opera tickets.
  • Paintings from Sotheby’s.
  • Queen Anne Chairs.
  • Records.
  • Sofas. Shoes. Spatulas.
  • Toys (adult).
  • Ukuleles.
  • Water skis.
  • Xylophones.
  • Yankees baseball paraphernalia
  • Zulu hunting spears
Obviously, you might not need to rent storage space if you’re going to go the traditional route and treat your partner to 12 red roses, a box of Milk Tray and a helium balloon, but I personally think the Zulu spear is a more original way to work your way into your partner’s affections! Oh, and one last thing, please remember under no circumstances do we allow you to use our self storage units to store people. Especially Exes. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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