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Annoying flat mates, daytime TV marathons and last minute-panic-stricken essay submissions – the student experience wouldn’t be an authentic one without it. If there’s anything else that can be guaranteed (apart from studying very hard, of course) it’s that you will probably move accommodation at least once. The less lucky will move much more than this.

Student flat

With this comes the consideration of what to do with your belongings, especially during the summer break period. If you’re at university in London, here at Attic Self Storage we have the perfect student storage solution for you. Here’s a few of the main ways we at Attic Storage can help decrease the moving stress:

Save money

Summer holidays aside, there are also other instances where self storage is beneficial for students. Let’s face it, students aren’t exactly renowned for having lots of cash at their disposal! Budgeting so that you have extra money for nights out is always on the agenda (priorities)! Renting in London doesn’t help matters either. As much as the greatest of great places to go out are on your doorstep in London, accommodation in the city is, more often than not, extremely cramped and pricey. Self storage, in this instance, could save you money by allowing you to rent a smaller accommodation, or not rent at all over the summer just to keep your larger belongings safe.

No stress

As a student, you have deadline and exam stress all term long. When it comes to summer, it’s time to relax! The last thing you want to worry about is lugging all the new stuff you’ve acquired back home – especially if they’re items you won’t necessarily need. Even if you have the means to continue paying rent during the holidays, it’s possible your landlord will forbid you from storing your items over summer. Packing up your stuff and taking it home is, of course, an option. The laborious task of lugging your belongings here and there is a hassle you can do without, especially if you plan ahead. If you're and international student leaving London for the summer to return home, the expense and stress is even more magnified. This can be avoided with local student storage in London.

Student luggage

Local storage

On the underground, most places in London are within reach. Fortunately for students at London universities, we have storage facilities in both Bow in East London, and King’s Cross in North London.

Flexible services

Our monthly rolling contract is ideal for students over the summer period. We offer spaces as small as a locker to dramatically larger storage space. Our flexible storage services also mean you won’t be drawn into an unnecessary, long term commitment. Our secure storage space can be accessed 24/7 with your own personal key, so should you forget your all-important course textbook which you are eager to read to get ahead for next terms syllabus (yeah, right!) this can be easily rectified (phew).

Whether you’re returning home for the summer from studying in London– be it in the UK or abroad - contact Attic Self Storage today about our student storage solutions in London. Alternatively, if you simply need more space in your student housing we are an affordable, flexible option to keep your precious belongings safe and secure in London.

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