Summer storage wakes up!

Attic Self Storage allows you to embrace the festival season every year without having a shed, a loft, or basement, for all the essential equipment you might need.

Visit to an open air concert

Time to get the tent out of storage? Festival season calls

Although the Great British summer seems to be blowing hot and cold at the moment, there are a few events coming up that make it worth considering pulling the tent, the primus stove, and the waterproof makeup out of storage. (If you’re renting one of our bigger units maybe now’s the time to get that VW Battenberg Campervan out of its box as well). Attic Self Storage allows you to embrace the festival season every year without having a shed, a loft, or basement, for all the essential equipment you might need. We can accommodate trampolines, animal-shaped inflatables, rainbow-coloured twin-control kites, bin-liners stuffed with paper flowers, and racks of floral dresses and cheesecloth shirts. Looking for a sealable plastic tub for your collection of smelly old Birkenstock sandals? We can help. Or maybe you just need a metal locker for your Fire juggling paraphernalia? The Earth Mother of all festivals has to be Glastonbury. The place that invented Glamping, muddy Mosh Pits, Kate Moss, and gave birth to children with names like Rain, Summer and Lightning (look out for Lightning during storms – he can be dangerous). This year the festivities are happening between the 22nd and 27th June and if you hurry you might still be able to secure yourself a place to pitch your tent down in Somerset. Closer to home, the parks of Tower Hamlets and Hackney come alive with outdoor activities at this time of year. But also in a much more organized, £50 a ticket “where’s your wristband?” type way. The St. John’s Ambulance crews have already had to patch up a few bleeding ears at the new West Ham stadium in the Olympic Park when ACDC played live at the beginning of June. *Makes horned hand sign and strums air guitar If you fancy a day of family friendly fun, there’s ‘Citadel’ on Sunday 17th July in Victoria Park. Featuring comedy and art workshops, as well as DJs and strange sounding bands like Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Sigur Rós Caribou, and Matt Corby. Also coming up on the 15th and 16th of July is ‘Love Box’. We love boxes too. (If you need boxes to put your love in, we have plenty in every size you can imagine. Depending on how much love you wish to store). If you’re going to “Vicky” Park be sure to wear flowers in your hair and tattoos down your back and all over your legs. Looking at my calendar, I see that Monday 20th was the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. So if you need 24-hour access to your druid gear in order to belatedly attend one of the stone circle ceremonies at Stonehenge or Avebury, or even the Broch of Gurness in Orkney, follow the ley lines to Attic Self Storage on Wick Lane. Yes. Hippy Chicks, Die Hard Rockers, Old Mods, Morris Men and black-clad Emos are all equally welcome at Attic Self Storage. Our friendly front of house staff can make room for you whether you’re a half-hearted camper or a fully-fledged Bear Grylls survivalist. Put your tent in storage? Get your tent out of storage? It’s the only ‘in/out’ debate I’m going to mention this week.

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