The Big Garden Bird Watch

We hope Ornithologists, Birdwatchers and Twitchers will be flocking to Attic Self Storage when they see this blog

Did you happen to spot that the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch took place between the 25th and 27th of January? It’s always a great excuse to spend time outside without doing anything more strenuous than sitting in a garden or a park for 60 minutes and counting how many different birds show up.

Eagle-Eyed Volunteers

Attic Self Storage are proud to have taken part. Our official birdwatching crew for 2020 was made up of head marketing honcho, Sophie, and her two eagle-eyed kids, who spent an hour in our wildflower (admittedly at the moment it’s more mud than flowers) garden waiting for the flocks to descend from on high.

We sat in the garden out the front of Attic HQ in Wick Lane on our camping chairs. We put out a bird feeder with fat balls and peanuts. I think the passers-by thought we were a little crazy!”

Crazy or not, they did an excellent job of recording all our winged visitors.

Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane?

Just to be clear, the survey asks people to only count the birds that land, not the ones flying over. The same birds may land more than once so to avoid double counting they ask people to record the highest number of each bird species they see at any one time, not the total number counted over the hour.

Something To Tweet About

You have until 16th February to submit your results to the RSPB. We’ve already submitted ours. So exactly what did we spot? A flock of Flamingos? Something rare like a Pied Flycatcher, a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker or a Capercaillie?

Well, not exactly.

We don’t think we’re breaking any confidentiality agreements or need to issue a spoiler alert when we reveal that we counted:

2 Black Birds
5 Pigeons
2 Crows
7 Gulls

Admittedly two crows don’t really constitute a ‘murder’, pigeons are ten a penny in London and there isn’t a pear tree, so we didn’t register any partridges, either.

We might not have seen a lot of birds, but apparently that doesn’t matter. Observing which species aren’t around is as important as spotting which ones are. Even if you sit there and register zero, it helps reveal what’s happening across the whole country.

Big Data On Our Feathered Friends

The RSPB have 40 years of records of these counts, and with over half a million people regularly taking part, they are able to get a pretty good picture of how the birds of Britain are doing. The format of the survey has stayed the same so scientists can use the data to spot any problems and hopefully put things right. When the population of song thrushes decreases, or a new flock of parakeets shrieks its way into existence, they’ll know all about it.

The Birds & The Bees

Come spring, as our wildflower garden blooms again, we expect to see a lot more birds visiting Attic Self Storage in Bow. It’s usually a good sign that the worms and insects are thriving and that Mother Nature’s little pollinators are doing their best work.

As you may know from our previous blogs, we’re big fans of bees and sponsor the British Beekeepers Association. We’re also fond of foxes, frogs, hedgehogs, badgers, bats and butterflies. In fact, short of allowing them to nest inside our secure units, we do everything we can to support our local wildlife population.

And just in case you were in any doubt, we’re also tremendously fond of humans in all their shapes and sizes. With access to safe, secure storage available 24/7/365, Empty Nesters, Night Owls, Early Birds and full up Twitchers* are always welcome.

*Although Attic Self Storage can’t guarantee sightings of rare birds, we’re a wonderful place to store binoculars, wellies and camping gear