The Carnage After Christmas

Their tattered remains litter our city streets. They lie discarded on the pavements; dumped in the shadow of the wheelie bins; balanced atop piles of black refuse sacks. Chopped down in their prime only to be thrown away. Cast aside now they are lifeless, emaciated and dried out, limbs twisted and broken. Like soldiers fallen in battle. Forlorn and forgotten.

Tis the season to chuck out dead Christmas trees.

Save a forest, invest in plastic

If you’re still vacuuming the dead pine needles out of your carpet, perhaps it’s time you considered a more ecologically friendly solution: the fake fir tree. It’s one of the few instances where buying the plastic version of something is a greener option than choosing the one made of wood.

Plastic Christmas Tree

Put Xmas away for 11 months

You only need it for a few weeks every year so it makes perfect sense. When the 12th day’s over, just pop your imitation tree back in its box and stick it in storage. One of our smaller units is big enough to accommodate all your household storage for festive paraphernalia: tinsel, paper decorations, hanging baubles, wooden ornaments, flashing lights and plastic spruce with a fairy on top…

That’s the joy of having your own space at Attic Self Storage. You don’t have to clog up your house with the things you only need once in a blue moon (or a white Xmas).

Christmas Tinsel

Apres ski storage

Perhaps you’re a skier and lucky enough to own your own equipment. Can you hear the Alps or the Pyrenees calling? This is the time of year you need the suit, the boots, the skis, the sticks, the hat and the goggles. But only for the few weeks you’re on holiday. When the season’s over, why not let us take care of your gear for you? Beats having a set of skis whack you in the head every time you open the hall cupboard.

Skiing Equipment

Change your clothes every season

Some of our customers use our units to free up space in their wardrobe at different points in the year. In the winter, it’s a great place to store your flimsy, floaty summer gear. In the summer, you can fill the space with your woolly leggings, long johns, winter coats, puffer jackets, earmuffs and Siberian survival clothing. No wonder Attic Self Storage is such a firm favourite with fashion conscious Londoners.

Winter Clothes

The Spring collection

Maybe you’re a keen gardener, but you don’t own a secure shed. Fear not. Attic can provide a safe winter resting place for your lawnmower, hedge strimmer, shears, spade, and grass seed. Come the spring, when you’re ready to start digging, weeding and pruning again, all your tools will be ready and waiting for you.

Safe and secure 'til Summer

Attic Self Storage is the ideal winter retreat for deck chairs, trampolines, swing ball sets, picnic blankets, croquet equipment, sun umbrellas, tents and inflatable paddling pools. Protect your sensitive summer stuff from the ravages of ice, rain, wind and snow until the sun comes out again.

Flexible home storage

As the seasons change so do people’s storage needs. But once you’ve rented a unit with us you can swap what’s in it as often as you like. You’ll have 24-hour access, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

If you need a bit of extra space in the next 12 months, give us a call. Whether it’s collapsible plastic trees or solid wooden furniture you want to store, we’re always here to help.

Spring, summer, autumn, winter – you’re always welcome at Attic Self Storage.

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