The Clean Up Before Christmas

If you’re expecting guests or, heaven forbid, you’re hosting the family this year, are you ready to make room for them?

No matter how Zen and minimalist we all like to pretend we are, stuff tends to accumulate and take up every inch of space in our homes. Sometimes it’s only the imminent arrival of friends, family, or that fat bloke with the big white beard that actually pushes us into doing something about the mess that’s built up across the year. If a herd of marauding in-laws are about to descend on you and you don’t have a spare stable to accommodate them all, Attic have a few ideas that might help.

Room By Room Decluttering Plan

You could employ some kind of Marie Kondo/Mary Poppins hybrid to pick up the clothes, sort shoes and magically put stuff away or you could deal with the clutter yourself. No matter how small your place, you can always make more space. You’ve just got to take things in a logical order…

For starters, when you step through your front door, what are you met with?

The Hall

Forget boughs of holly (fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la) just make sure guests can get in and out easily. Remove any bikes, boxes or bags and make ready for other people’s wellies, coats, Zimmer frames and push chairs.

Living Room

Best remove any easily breakable ornaments in case that game of charades gets overly expressive. Concentrate on creating space. Do you need to remove furniture to make more room for people? Bean bags might come in handy. Have a quick vacuum so the carpet is a clean canvass for discarded sweet wrappers and dropped pine needles.


Clear out your wardrobes. Squirrel your summer wear away for the winter. Remove Lego bricks from the floor of children’s rooms so tip-toeing Father Christmas doesn’t turn the air blue when he visits. If you’re providing overnight accommodation for anyone, now’s your chance to turn the guest bedroom back into a guest bedroom – remove the junk, make the beds, place a chocolate reindeer on the pillow.

Dining Room

Move paperwork and unnecessary clutter out of the way. Make sure you’ve got enough chairs, even if it means borrowing some. Think about hiding those crayon marks with a pristine white table cloth. By all means decorate the table with a yule log, scattered petals, sparkly snowflakes, snowman napkins or tinsel wrapped place mats but remember to leave enough room for the food.


If it’s past its sell-by, sling it. Clear your fridge and your cupboards ready to be packed with seasonal goodies. Make room for that Turkey, Salmon, Nut Cutlet or whatever it is you’re serving. Get rid of that ancient bottle of Advocaat and create space for all those crates of champagne your siblings have promised to bring. If you’ve got any booze you don’t want them guzzling, hide it. Hide it well.


We’re talking about us, not that room at the top of your house. And here’s our biggest Christmas de-cluttering tip – just chuck everything you don’t need in boxes and shove the lot in storage. Don’t carefully sort anything. Give yourself a break and deal with straightening everything out in the new year. Afterall, if the family are about to visit, you’ve got better things to do than be sorting books and clothes, selling stuff on e-bay or auctioning things off at Sotheby’s. Simply stuff all your clutter into an Attic Self Storage unit, lock the door and forget about it until 2020.

Let The Festivities Commence


Once you’ve tidied up your home, you can concentrate on getting ready for the coming invasion. If you haven’t got your decorations up yet, now is the time to untangle the fairy lights, hoist the tree, hang the paper garlands, string up the Christmas cards and generally make the space you’ve just cleared feel thoroughly cluttered again. We’re here if you need any seasonal support or just a warm reception where you can escape the madness.

Let’s get Xmas done.

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