The Rugby's Coming to Bow!

My my, Mrs Atticus will be pleased! It has just been announced that the Rugby World Cup (RWC) in 2015 will see five games played at our magnificent local Olympic stadium. Now she won't have to wait on me hand and foot, and will instead be able to put her feet up as I will be right at the centre of the action! Well, when I say at the centre of the action, I mean in the stadium spectating, while I have no doubt that I could cut the mustard with these magnificent young chaps, even Atticus has to admit that time has aged him. And no, I'm not about to give away my age :-) The opening event will be kicking off at the home of rugby, Twickenham on September 18th 2015, while a number of pool matches and the bronze medal match will be held at our very own 54,000 seater stadium. Mrs Atticus will quite literally be able to hear the crowd roar from her broom cupboard here at Attic Self Storage, while the bigwigs upstairs in their office will be able to see the stadium without even getting up from their office chairs. But Atticus will be there, fear not, I've already started construction on my secret tunnel to the stadium! And yes, of course I'm whistling the tune to "The Great Escape" as I go along... Other, second tier venues that will also be playing a bit-part in the event include Wembley, St James Park, Elland Road, a football ground or two and the Millenium Stadium in addition to Twickenham. I just hope I will still be able to see beyond my nose come 2015, my glasses get heavier with each passing year!

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