Things Are Looking Good For 2020

Christmas is over, the New Year is here and Attic Self Storage have ten tentative tips to help you prosper in the next decade

Welcome to the first new blog of the new year of a shiny new decade. We’d love to inspire you to set targets, overcome obstacles and reinvent yourself in the next 365 days, but what’s the rush? Most people have only just taken the tinsel down.

We’re not big on resolutions ourselves. You don’t have to jump into anything just because it’s January. We don’t want you to make empty promises, place unreasonable demands on yourself or pursue crazy hare-brained schemes that might result in disappointment, financial loss or a slipped disc instead of a six pack.

You’re unique, you’re special, you’re lovely just as you are. The best advice we can give is don’t take advice from anyone. So please feel free to thoroughly ignore the following suggestions:

1) Get Fit Slowly

Don’t join a gym. Just start walking more. Walk the dog, walk up the escalator, walk in the woods. Walk into Attic Self Storage and ask about investing in a unit where you can stockpile walking boots, walkie talkies or install a running machine. Don’t run before you can walk, unless you’re going to miss the bus.

2) Stop Arguing About Politics

The election is over. Left, right, left, right, for God’s sake STOP. Whether your side won or lost it’s time to get on with living, laughing and getting on with people again. Apparently, B(o)rexit will all be done and dusted by the end of the year so we can all forget our differences and go back to ruling the waves, controlling our own destinies and enjoying flasks of tepid tomato soup on windswept English beaches. Make sure you’ve got enough Union Jack bunting in storage for any spontaneous street parties that may result.

3) Know Who Your Friends Are

You only need a handful, especially in the virtual world where we all live these days. Trim down your social circle on Facebook, Twitter or whatever media you happen to hang out on. If someone doesn’t contribute to the debate, never has a good word to post, rarely likes or responds to anything you have to say, be ruthless: block them, snooze them or threaten to unfriend them if they don’t buy you an expensive dinner at Nobu.

4) Cull Your Clothes

Take the same approach to your wardrobes and drawers as to your address book. If you haven’t worn it in the last 12 months, get rid! Better still, donate it to your favourite local charity shop and let someone else get the wear out of it that you no longer will. The summer’s still a long way off so anything skimpy, flimsy or floaty that you want to keep, fold it up and pop it in storage with us until the sun comes back.

5) Think Positive

No, no, no, don’t be negative. Really, just don’t. There’s enough shiz happening in the world without you adding to the pile. Try your best to be upbeat, assured and confident for the next 12 months/10 years. Laugh in the face of adversity. View every knock back as a chance to move forwards in a different direction. Look for the upside of every down thing that happens. Surround yourself with happy encouraging people who share your vision and drive to succeed, like, for instance, the friendly folk who work at Attic.

6) Be The Best You You Can Be

Meditate, be mindful, make your bed every morning, drink more water, stop smoking, go vegan, volunteer, write a self-help book, or do none of the above. Find what works for you and remember that change is the only constant in life (maybe therefore reserve a space at your local Attic Self Storage to stockpile canned food in case of zombie apocalypses, third world wars or alien invasions).

7) Give Yourself Breathing Space

Make room for some fresh air to circulate in your life. Put stuff away, open a window, let the Chi flow. Reduce the amount of material possessions you surround yourself with. Change what you have on your shelves, mantelpiece and coffee table. If you’ve got a huge collection of books, art, or My Little Pony figurines try rotating what you have on display by sticking stuff away. It just so happens that we can help you with this too – enter our space programme at King’s Cross, Bow or (coming soon) Marylebone.

8) Do Your Tax Return

By the 31st of January.

9) Take A Break.

Plan your summer holiday now so you have something to look forward to after you’ve done your tax return.

10) Spread The Love

We’d like to wish all our customers past, present and future, a truly wonderful new year, new decade and new attitude. May your storage unit overfloweth with bountiful family heirlooms and valuable antique furniture. May your days be prosperous, joyful and full of laughter. May your breath be minty fresh, your face free from wrinkles, and your eye-sight as near perfect as possible.

It is 2020 after all.

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