Tis the Season to be Sorting Xmas Storage

“Hang on a minute”, I hear you cry, “summer is barely over and you’ve already started banging on about Christmas, that’s a bit blooming premature isn’t it?”

Well no, Rudolf, it’s not. Not if you own a shop, run a business or happen to be a market stall trader who has to stock up ready for the festive season. It’s all about planning ahead for Xmas storage.

Market Stall Image

Stocking up on stockings and stuff

This is exactly the time of year that you need to be thinking about where you’re going to store all your yuletide goodies.

Boxes of Santa hats, roll upon roll of wrapping paper, truck loads of stockings and tinsel, rails of ironic Christmas jumpers – we can provide the space you need to store them all. Attic Self Storage has a unit the right shape and size to accommodate any sort of stock. Whether you’re selling cheap Xmas tat, or super high-end cutting-edge electrical equipment from Japan, we have the perfect seasonal storage solutions for you. And just to set your mind at rest, your monthly rental price includes full insurance.

Yuletide stock room

Safer than houses or Santa's workshop

Now if you’re feeling a bit Scrooge-like you could save money by sticking your stock in a shed, or a garage or a lock up, but they’re not exactly the most secure places on earth. (A crook with a crowbar is all it takes).

And do you really want to clog up your hall, office or front room with crates, pallets or piles of boxes?

The facilities at Attic Self Storage are all super secure. Each unit is individually alarmed and constructed in strong, rigid steel with a door fastened with your very own heavy-duty lock. There are further alarms everywhere; the corridors are constantly monitored by CCTV; the entire building is electronically protected and only accessible if you have an 8-digit pin number. Even Mr. Claus would have a problem gaining access without permission and he’s an expert at breaking and entering.

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Have yourself a merry London Christmas

If your business is based in the capital, you’ll be pleased to know that so are we. Our storage facilities are conveniently located in York Way, King’s Cross and Wick Lane, Bow which is ideal if you have a shop in the centre of town, or you need easy access to the numerous markets in East London, like Roman Road, Brick Lane, Whitechapel or Spitalfields.

Both branches have plenty or room for loading and unloading car, van or sleigh and are thankfully outside the central London congestion zone.

Sort December in September

If you’d like a confidential chat about your storage arrangements for Christmas 2018, please don’t hesitate to nip in and visit us. Our friendly front of house team is here to help and have won awards for doing so.

They are ready right now to offer sensible seasonal advice, even if we haven’t put the Christmas tree up, strung fairy lights in the windows or hung mistletoe above reception just yet.

Think we’ll wait until the end of No-ho-ho-vember for that.

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