Welcome to the New Website

As this is the first blog entry on our new website, we felt it fitting to talk a little about our new self storage website. It won’t surprise many of our readers when I say that online presence and online search are growing in importance every day. This is not a trend that has gone unnoticed at Attic Self Storage, and we have continually sought ways in which we could keep our website fresh and up to date. This is particularly important in the London storage market, with a less mobile population than normal as fewer people have cars – and so they are more likely to find us online than by driving past our great storage units. We set up a project to identify what could be improved upon from our old website, and this new site is the first major instalment in this project of ours. We do hope all our readers will find it easier on the eye and more navigable than the previous one. We also hope Google likes it! The new website has been structured in a more thoughtful way, with clear service offerings from our self storage in London pages through our London removal service to boxes, packaging materials and business services on offer. We also have bespoke offerings for local storage options across East London and Bow, Stratford and Whitechapel to name but a few. We’re not stopping here of course, the world wide web is continually evolving and so must we. There are a number of ideas being developed in our storage website lab back at base in London, and we will be looking to roll these out to you over the coming months. In fact, we are quite excited about what’s to come and we hope you will share our excitement as we look to make our website the most user-friendly across the London storage market, and then in due course a market leading website for the self storage industry full stop. Of course, our website’s a work in progress and we welcome any feedback from our clients, so if you struggle to find what you’re looking for, or have any other feedback we would be delighted to hear it. Until then, I would like to thank our storage website lab team back at base in London, and in particular our web development team spearheaded by Rita for delivering a great platform for us to build on. Keep an eye on our new self storage website and hold us to task if it doesn’t improve over time!