Welcome To the Wonderful World of Cyber Security

You know that thing that always happens in American movies when the geeky computer hacker taps a few keys then turns round and says “we’re in!”?

Anonymous computer hacker

Well they’re not getting into Attic Self Storage that easily. No way, José.

And just to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt, we’ve passed a rigorous audit and are now ISO 27001 accredited!

That’s right. Attic Self Storage is ISO 27001 ACCREDITED.

If you’re not left excited, astounded and thoroughly reassured by that news, let us break it down for you:


ISO is the International Standards Organisation and getting the 27001 accreditation means that our ISMS – Information Security Management System – is officially recognised as being well conceived, truly safe, and exceptionally fit for purpose.

International Standards Organisation logo

Achieving an ISO accreditation is a milestone for any business, especially for a storage company like ours that’s committed to providing security on every level. Both real and virtual.

Just to be clear: Attic Self Storage has been judged by independent experts to have a robust set of policies, procedures and processes in place to protect ourselves and our customers against cyber attacks, hacks, data leaks or information theft.

No phishing allowed

Remember last year when Facebook finally disclosed that a data breach had compromised 87 million records? That’s just the tip of the cyber crime iceberg. Attacks are becoming more frequent and hostile.

Cyber crime iceberg

(The global average cost of a data breach has skyrocketed to $3.86 million – a 6.4% increase from 2017).

Attic Self Storage takes the threats seriously, whether they’re launched from Russia, North Korea, Nigeria or some kid’s bedroom in Essex.

Our ISO 27001 certification shows that we’re doing everything in our power to protect our customers and their data from the bad guys. You’re as safe with us as you are with big grown up companies like Google, PayPal and Amazon.

Boxes, bags and bytes of safe storage

You know that your beds, chairs, tables and sofas are safe with us. But now more than ever Attic Self Storage’s ISO accreditation should give archiving & document storage customers the confidence they need to trust us with their most sensitive files and records. Our ISO 27001 certificate will definitely ensure they meet their internal and insurance compliance requirements for storing archival records.

We won't be resting on our laurels

Now we have our certificate we won’t be letting go of it. Earning an ISO 27001 accreditation is a hallmark of internal quality control and shows a commitment to continual business improvement.

We’re obligated to conduct regular reviews and internal audits of our ISMS to ensure its continual improvement. An external auditor will also review Attic at specific intervals to establish whether the controls are working as intended.

Quite simple, that means we won’t ever stop looking for ways to improve our business – which in turn means our customers get the safest, securest service going, without having to go anywhere else.

Day to day data security

Attic Self Storage has got CCTV cameras, alarms, shutters, pin-code entry systems and the added reassurance of an ISO 27001 certificate too.

And now you know what an ISO 27001 is, you can rest assured that we take looking after your personal information just as seriously as looking after your personal items.

Suck on that, Mr. Zuckerberg!

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