What Does 2019 Have in Store for You?

What does 2019 have in store for you? Don’t let the New Year push you around. Grab it by the nose ring and show it who’s boss. It’s your life – it’s up to you what you do with it. Grab 2019 Nose Ring As always, Attic Self Storage is ready and waiting to help you fulfill all your most eccentric resolutions in any way we possibly can. Whatever you’ve decided to do in 2019 we’d like to see you put your plans into practice, rather than let them fizzle out by February.

"I can't live without you"

Ahh, so you’re all loved up. Take your relationship to the next level by getting a joint mortgage and a cozy place together. But don’t jettison all your single stuff just because you’re becoming a co-habiting couple. A storage unit is like a personal safety net where you can keep your old cuddly toys, spare pants and sexy photo albums of previous love affairs. Can't Live Without You

"We need a clean break"

Then again, maybe you’re ready to split up. Did a fractious Christmas and New Year finally decide it for you? Can’t stand to spend another year with a partner who drains you of your will to live? So don’t. Move your stuff into Attic Self Storage while you put your place on the market and haggle over who gets to keep any crockery that hasn’t already been smashed against the wall. Relationship Clean Break

"Let's start a family"

Having a cat or terrapin doesn’t do it for you anymore? Yearning to hear the pitter patter of tiny foetus? Time to clean out the spare room and turn it into a nursery? Stick everything in your local Attic Self Storage and you won’t have to give up your loft. Start a Family

"We're off to scratch our itchy feet"

There’s a great big world out there waiting to be explored. Have you got the bottle to put your house up for rent and head for the horizon? Air B’n’B ‘n’ B free to discover Africa, India, China, North and South America, Australia… Wolverhampton. We’ll take care of your furniture and family heirlooms while you’re gone and provide gallery space for all the bargains you’ve picked up when you come home. Terracotta warriors, carved facemasks, dinosaur eggs, didgeridoos (and that’s just the stuff from Wolverhampton).

"I'm embarking on a self improvement regime"

Show them what you’re made of. Stay at home and make the most of what you’ve already got. DIY! It’s a lot easier to paint and decorate if you can completely empty the room or rooms you’re giving a makeover to. Thanks to Attic Self Storage you won’t get paint splatters all over that original Jackson Pollock.

"Time to show the world my artistic side"

Need somewhere to sculpture abstract nudes out of giant blocks of marble? We should be able to accommodate you Moore than anyone else. Or maybe you just need a little space for an easel, some canvasses, oil paints, trowels and brushes? We won’t Turner you away. Ah yes, John Punstable would be proud.

"I'll get fit if it kills me"

Attic Self Storage is the perfect fit if you need somewhere to keep bikes, weights, trampolines or mountains of climbing equipment should you determine that this is the year to scale K2, Kilimanjaro or ‘kin Everest. On a smaller scale, we can provide you with room to store that collection of Stilton-scented trainers or sweat-soaked yoga mats that aren’t making your home smell so sweet.

"This year we're going digital"

Impress the Millennials and Snowflakes in your life by eschewing all physical media. Finally wave bye-bye to your vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, Books and other out-moded formats. Keep them at Attic Self Storage until they come back into fashion and flog them for a fortune.

"I'm going to conquer my insecurity"

You don’t need to embark on weekly therapy and an expensive Mindfulness course. With 24 hour CCTV, corridors bristling with cameras, all-round security shutters, sophisticated pin-entry systems, multiple locks and alarms all over the place, you can rest assured your most valuable personal items are secure in an Attic Self Storage facility. We’re safer than houses.

"I want to talk to a human, not a robot"

Whatever you want from this year, you can be sure we’ll continue to provide award-winning customer service. There are often traumatic reasons why people need storage space – the death of a loved one; the breakdown of a relationship; the collapse of a property deal – life doesn’t always go to plan, but you can rely on our team to listen, understand and help in any way we can.

"365 days of good luck to you!"

We wish you a successful and fulfilling 2019 and hope that all your dreams, designs and daftest resolutions come to fruition. If for some reason things don’t quite work out and you need a sympathetic ear, a bit of sensible advice, or enough space to store that rowing machine you got for Xmas and have no intention of taking out of the box, Attic Self Storage is here for you every single day of the year. And that’s a promise.

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