What Would You Do With More Space at Home?

Whether you need to accommodate your growing family, or you like to collect clothes or hoard household antiques - all of us could use a little extra space at home. Combine this with the fact that house prices are surging yet we’re generally getting less space for our money (especially in locations like London), extra space is increasingly important. We’ve put together some tips for organising your home so that you can maximize your space.

Get more space in The Home

  • First things first, consider having a thorough spring clean and declutter. If you come across items you haven’t used in the past year, ask yourself if you need to keep it? Items you intend to dispose of can be considered for recycling or the charity shop.
more space in the home
  • An ottoman is a great home storage solution. These pieces of furniture can be great storage spaces for books, blankets and pillows, as well as other items. Not only that, you can buy designs that are both fashionable and functional and are in keeping with the interiors of the room. Dual purpose furniture such as seats that double up as toy boxes are also a great way to utilise space.
Ottoman Storage and Toy Box
  • Fashion fiends may want to consider getting creative with their clothes storage. A bookcase can be used to store and display your impressive collection of shoes and handbags.
Bookcase Clothes Storage
  • In the kitchen, consider vertical storage shelving in your pantry. Installing overhead pot and pan storage can free up space below your counters.
Overhead pots and pans
  • Consider using Attic Self Storage. Do you have items that aren’t currently used but you don’t want to dispose of as you expect it will be useful in the future? We’re the perfect solution with our cheap London storage facilities.
  • Don’t delegate junk to the garage! Your garage space can be maximised by cleaning out outdated furniture, broken appliances and generally unnecessary bits and bobs. Also, consider utilising the walls and ceiling for shelving and storage solutions.
  • Having lots of items on display can make a room appear smaller. If your bookshelf is overflowing or your DVD's litter the area near your TV, try attaching a drape across the front for a more minimalist look.

Are you tempted to rearrange your home according to any of the above? What would you do with more space at home? Perhaps you’re planning to put some of your belongings in storage to make your home more spacious? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts Alternatively, contact us today for more information about our facilities. We offer storage in East London and North London.

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