Whats the perfect home?

What’s the perfect home?

It’s official - Brits are living in ever smaller homes and seem to be running out of space for all the goodies they have collected over the years. Figures show that we build the smallest new dwellings in Europe and perhaps that’s because we are the only EU country not to have minimum space standards. Living in the East End of London, small homes are nothing new – but then that makes them more affordable and perhaps better designed to cope with modern day life. However, recent research from Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) suggests that “more storage space” is one of the eight key features that people are looking for when choosing a home. Well, it’s hard to argue with that - everyone would love more space at home for functional items such as IT equipment as well as to store nostalgic items such as kids toys or Christmas decorations. As a new father of twins, I am in no doubt that space is certainly going to be increasingly important to us in the coming weeks, months and years! But as Kirsty and Phil preach on Location, Location, Location – when choosing a house, it’s all about compromise. So what is the most important thing? Is location, natural light, open living areas, garden for the kids, good transport links and being near to bars and restaurants more important that having enough space to store your skis or holiday clothes? I guess only the home buyer can decide. But if space is limited in your home, that’s where our self storage in London can really help. We’ve been helping people in Bow, East London with their storage for years now. It’s pretty simple really - customers drop off their non-perishable items that they don’t have space to store at home, and we store them in their own safe, secure and affordable self storage unit. Once your items are put safely in self storage, you get your own key so you can access your goods 24/7, 365 days of the year. In short, we offer people their own spare room or attic space so they can have more living space at home. Let’s also not forget that one of the most important elements of a home is the feel of the space. This is a hard thing to quantify, but people rarely choose a home just because of the space it has to offer – more often it is because it feels right or is nice and cosy. Wherever you choose to live, some compromises will need to be made but as our houses decrease in size and our demand for products grows, something will have to give. But if you are happy and comfortable in your home but lacking storage space, let us look after any of your excess items and we will keep them safe and secure in our affordable self storage facility in Bow, East London.

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