Worried about safety? We've got missiles!

Storage Couldn’t Be Safer In East London with Attic

East London is hosting one of the world’s biggest events this summer, as the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics Games kick off on the 27th July. As expected, thousands of people are expected to flock into the city which means hotels, hostels, apartments and houses will be filled to the brim. Many property owners have viewed this situation as an opportunity to make some extra money through holiday letting and have cleared out spare rooms in their house for Olympic guests. The one problem with this has been finding a location to safely store the items which took up extra space. This predicament can be easily solved through Attic Storage in East London, a secure self storage provider that prides itself on offering high quality facilities and premium customer service. Their clients consist of commercial businesses, offices, students, families and just in general, people who require moving, storage and archiving services at a great price. The greatest concern of people seeking storage in East London, or anywhere in the capital city and beyond for that matter, is whether they can trust that their belongings will be kept safe during their time in storage.

Safety and Protection from the Olympic Park in East London

Attic has unique security measures in place, due to their East London location. They maximise storage safety in general by giving exclusive access of the units to just the person who is renting it, the facilities are kept clean and dry and dedicated staff regularly monitor the area. What’s more, Attic Storage East London is just a stone’s throw away from the Olympic Park in Stratford. The best security services in the country, and possibly the world, will be protecting the entire Olympics event every minute of every day. So you can rest assured that prime security is within the vicinity of your property stored in Attic Storage. Going a step even further, the Ministry of Defence has a missile encampment overlooking them towards the Olympics site, so protection and safety doesn’t get much better than in Attic’s location. Contact Attic Secure Self Storage today for the safest and highest quality storage solutions. Address: Attic Self Storage Limited, 1 Maverton Road, London, E3 2JE Telephone: 020 8981 6800 Email: enquiries@atticstorage.co.uk

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