Business storage front of house

Our self storage receptions are the first point of contact for our own visitors and our business client visitors, so we’ve invested heavily to make sure they create a good impression.  You’ll find our receptions bright, clean, contemporary spaces in which visitors can relax  in comfort should they have to wait.  They’ll be offered a beverage and given details of our WiFi so they can put the time to good use if your bus is delayed, and of course we have music piped in to reception together with a TV showing news, current affairs and any important sporting events of the day to keep them entertained.

Greeting clients

Our staff provide excellent customer service and have been fully trained to greet potential and existing clients in a professional and efficient manner.  You’ll find they stand up, smile and greet anyone walking through the door in a friendly and professional manner.

Business clients who may have arranged to meet a prospective client at the storage facility to exhibit stock, or for some other reason, can rely on our staff to receive them and to notify the business client of any arrivals using our PA system.  Our restroom facilities are also of a high standard to ensure all visitors receive a consistent experience.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff and their high levels of professionalism combined with a strong service ethic and teamwork. We also invest in their continual development so that they, in turn, can continue to improve the level of service to our clients.

Meeting rooms

If you have booked one of our meeting rooms (not available in all stores, please check with a member of our team) then we will ensure your visitors are shown through to the meeting room in accordance with your instructions.  Click here to find out more about our meeting rooms.