Document storage

Going paperless for business and consumers has reduced the need for printed paper documents. Emails are now generally accepted as representing a formal means of communication, and can be legally binding, containing contractual commitments and arrangements. However, businesses are still subject to the requirement to maintain records for a fixed period of time, depending on the nature of those records and, while increasingly the requirement is to keep records, rather than necessarily paper records, many businesses still value the physical security offered by paper records.

Paper archive records offer a secure, inaccessible means of storing information for the required period of time, with virtually no corresponding cyber-security risk.  In some instances businesses have chosen to digitise paper records, making them easily accessible while retaining the physical paper copies as a reliable form of back-up in case of loss of data.

Paper documentation can destroyed if the correct process is followed to commit records to digital images. Guidelines can be found in British Standard – BIP 0008. Our record retention guide may also be of some help.

So what is the best approach to document archiving storage if paper records are required for any length of time?

Document storage solution

Self storage is a good solution for archiving documents which can be retrieved as and when required, without the need to use industrial equipment that storage in a large open warehouse often entails. Sensitive information is also under lock and key and is not available to casual observers, while remaining accessible any time of day or night to key members of staff.

Attic Self Storage also offers an archive document collection and retrieval service, “by the box”, taking the hassle out of the process and leaving clients with the best of both worlds – a no-hassle, collection & delivery service; and / or a self-serve system via individual, locked and alarmed storage units.

In addition, by retaining your own business storage unit for archiving and document storage purposes, you also retain the flexibility to store other items as required – from the office Christmas tree to a spare desk, and pretty much anything in between.

Storage racking

We offer racking systems for each business storage unit for hire or for sale.  If required, we can also offer a storage erection service on your behalf, ensuring that when you arrive, your unit is ready and fully racked out.  Please make sure you specify this when booking your self storage unit, and confirm the dimensions of the storage unit as each unit is slightly different.

Our standard racking systems will store 1 or 2 boxes deep by 2 boxes high 5 boxes across.  Thus, each shelf will accommodate 10 to 20 standard sized archive boxes, while our racking systems offer a choice of 2 or 3 shelves.

This archive and document storage system is modular and therefore flexible, as well as being accessible, dry and totally secure.

Archiving account manager

On request, we will provide a dedicated archiving account manager who will be the main contact for this service. The account manager will oversee the collection and dispatch of requested documents and will maintain a list of their movement in and out of storage, while handling all your billing enquiries and other storage or archive and document storage requirements.