Stock storage

Whether you’re starting a new business from home, expanding your first store or a large blue-chip multi-national after some seasonal stock room space, we have the excess stock storage solution for you.

Start-up businesses

Starting a new business anywhere is hard enough. Starting a new business in central London is very tough.  Traffic makes logistics a nightmare, and the cost of space makes finding premises, or a home large enough to start trading from, a real challenge.
That’s where Attic Self Storage comes in.  We can offer you a fully flexible space to trade from. You can’t use it to manufacture or process goods, and there are limits on what we’ll allow in store (for insurance and health and safety / legal reasons), but within reason, most things are fine.

If you’ve started a business from home, and it’s going so well that you can no longer move in your front room for boxes full of stock, then you’ve come to the right place.  You can stick a desk in your storage unit, we’ll kit it out with power & light so you can plug in your laptop and printer, and you can make use of our free wi-fi to download your orders and print off your packing labels.  We’ll ever sign for deliveries of new stock for you, or hang on to outbound orders until your nominated courier arrives, all the while keeping track of what’s been received and dispatched on your behalf.

We offer mail box addressing services and in Bow, we even offer meeting rooms.  All our stores also have a range of packing materials and packing tape, should you run out last minute and of course, in addition to totally secure storage units equipped with unit alarms and our legendary customer service, you get that priceless 24hr access free of charge.

So don’t stress about the traffic, that last minute order or working late into the night as start-ups often do. We’ve got you covered for your storage needs.

Excess stock and extra stock room

Business premises are not cheap in London. In addition to sky-high rents, you have faintly extortionate business rates, service charges and to cap it all off, you sign a five year lease and stick down a six month rent deposit.

Soon, you find your business doing really well and you need more space to keep your stock and merchandise, but you’ve run out of room – and still have 4 years left on your rental contract. Your business goes online, and you find you don’t need as much store front space, instead you need more warehousing or stock room space.

Perhaps you find yourself working in a seasonal business business, and so you need extra space for 3 or 4 months of the year, but not the rest of the time.

Attic Self Storage offers the perfect business services. A wide range of unit sizes available for you to rent on a month by month basis, payable by direct debit or on your credit or debit card (or even pre-paid for a keen deal), our fully flexible terms mean your business can remain as flexible and fleet of foot as it needs to be.

We look after you, so you can do what matters most – look after your own customers.

Engineer and contractor collection point

Contractors of all disciplines find our storage spaces can be a huge help. From the smaller, self-employed technician who needs somewhere secure in central to store his tools, equipment and spare parts; to the larger, blue-chip service and maintenance firms that need a flexible, centralised equipment distribution point in central London, we have the perfect solution.

With 24 hours access and central, easily accessed and very convenient locations, our stores offer the perfect solution to your business storage needs.

Stock handling equipment

We provide free use of trolleys, dolleys, pallet trucks, and a forklift truck and driver (currently only in Bow), to make moving stock in and out of storage as easy as possible. All our facilities offer lifts if your unit isn’t located on the ground floor, and secure loading bays behind electronic access-controlled gates for extra peace of mind that out of hours, you won’t get rushed while you’re unloading your stock.

If you need even more reasons to choose Attic Self Storage as your storage solution, take a look at our business case studies or find out more about how we work.