Attic Self Storage is a local business. That means we serve our local community, in more ways than one.  We are privileged to enjoy the support of the local community, without which we wouldn’t be here. Sure, we like to think we provide a vital service but we know you have choice, and you chose us – thank you.

Being a successful local business means we can support the local community in turn. And we’re proud to do just that. Whether it’s making sure everyone earns at least the London Living Wage, supporting the Islington Sustainable Energy Partnership, sponsoring local sports or arts charities or simply donating food to our local foodbank, we’re here to make a positive contribution to your neighborhood in every way.

We are always on the lookout for local initiatives and special causes to get involved with, so if you know of someone in need of help or know of a local initiative, don’t be shy – it never hurts to ask. You can find out more about how Attic Self Storage supports your local community by reviewing our local initiatives page & reading our blog, below.


If you’re need storage in London, Attic Self Storage have a range of interesting tips, ideas and motivational blogs for you to read.


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