Records Management London

At Attic Self Storage, we know just how important it is for your business documents to be carefully stored and managed. But with limited space and precious little time, managing your own paperwork storage is one job you could do without. That’s where our professional records management London service can help.

Our tailor-made, ‘by the box’ records management service takes the hassle out of your paperwork storage. We do all the legwork for you, collecting and retrieving your documents as and when required to free up time and space so you can concentrate on growing your business.

How does our records management service work?

Our service is extremely simple and you call the shots:

  • You choose which documents you’d like to store and we’ll come and collect them from you. We can collect documents on the same day.
  • Alternatively, you can choose a self-serve system and access your storage unit 24 hours a day.
  • Each box can be given a unique reference number/barcode before it is placed in your private storage unit for quick retrieval.
  • We store your documents to give you more space and increase workplace efficiency.
  • Give us a call or send us an email when you need a document and we will deliver it to you without delay.

A secure paperwork storage solution

As well as collecting and retrieving documents on your behalf, our records management service also includes the highest standard of secure storage. Rather than storing your sensitive documents in vast warehouses with millions of others, we give every client their own personal storage unit. We also have document archiving options available for you too if you require.

Every unit is protected by the latest intruder and fire detection systems, 24/7 digital CCTV and a fully fenced perimeter with electronic access control to provide complete peace of mind. We also give you 24-hour access as standard along with flexible terms so we can tailor the perfect deal for you.

The highest standard of service

We provide a fully accredited, award-winning records management service from a team that really cares. We also offer the best value in our local areas with a price match guarantee on any like-for-like service within a 2-mile radius of our locations in King’s Cross and Bow.

Get in touch to find out more about records management in London or request a quote from our team.

ISO27001 accreditation

We have also been accredited for ISO 27001 which ensures that we manage our systems carefully and securely, and have a continuous business improvement methodology in place. You can rest assured that we will continue to maintain all internal and external compliance requirements for storing archival records.

For more information about our document storage options, please click the link or get in touch