Santa’s Elf has lost his boot in the storage unit! Can you help him find it?

One of Santa’s elves has lost his boot, and, as you can imagine, in the North Pole, that’s not just a case of “oops, silly me”. With Christmas getting closer and closer, Santa needs all his elves to help him prepare, not search for the missing boot. We need to find that boot as a matter of urgency.

At Attic Storage, we love a good head scratcher almost as much as we love Christmas, so you can imagine just how much fun we’ve been having with this festive brainteaser.


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Have you spotted it? OK, here’s a little help…



Still no luck? You’re not alone. Those who didn’t spot the elf’s boot within just a few seconds (his feet are now freezing by the way), took an average of 139 seconds to spot the boot among all those Christmas presents. In that time, Santa would have visited 2,694,734 homes.

Try taking a systematic approach by starting in one corner and working your way across the scene and if all else fails, reach for the magnifying glass!

Still not got it? Don’t despair, we are running a competition to name the elf who has lost his boot.


Name the Elf and win a bottle of bubbly


**This competition is now closed.  Congratulations to Sarah Sturt from Tonbridge in Kent, who won with our favourite name – Rustic Icestockings.  Sugarplum Attic-bubbles came a close second followed by Boris, which just made everyone laugh.  Thanks for all the great entries everyone – have a wonderful Christmas!**



If there’s one thing we like at Christmas, it’s bubbles, and we’re not talking about taking a bath. Take a look at the Elf below and give him a name. The best one, as judged by our self-storage team, will win a bottle of Champagne!

Email your suggestion to to be in with a chance to win the champagne.

Submissions close: Mid-day 15th December 2017.
Judging takes place: 16th December 2017.
Winners will be announced: 16th December 2017.

Please supply a valid email address (or Fred gets the bottle!!)
Open to UK Residents only

Christmas and storage units go hand-in-hand

Did you know, if Santa stored a shoebox of gifts for all 8.7 million Londoners in self storage, he would need 21,750 units! (Yes, we did the maths – and now we need to sit down).

Christmas is a time when storage units in London can be extremely handy. If you have nowhere to put all your presents or if you want to clear out some of your space to make room for new toys, then we have a range of personal storage solutions to help at one of our self storage London locations. Our team can come and collect your items, sealing your storage boxes in front of you for added security. Or, you can travel to our locations in Bow and King’s Cross to drop off your items yourself.