Industry Innovation Award 2016

At the European Conference and Trade Show in Barcelona, in October 2016, the winners of the FEDESSA awards were announced, and Attic Self Storage won the award for the best business initiative.



There were 3 finalists for this coveted award and Attic Self Storage won despite being a much smaller operator than both the other finalists, who were multi-site businesses operating across both the UK and Europe.

Innovation through technology

Attic Self Storage won the award for a technology innovation centred on its website.

For the first time, customers in the UK will be able to not only get a quote for storage space in London online, but will also be able to conduct the entire move-in process online, including the necessary identity checks and managing their account details.

The revised process should reduce the average amount of time clients are required to spend in reception on move-in day from 15 minutes to 5 minutes. Further changes are planned which will reduce this time even more.

With the help of a number of clients, who participated in focus groups and workshops, Attic Self Storage have devised a programme for a staged roll-out of a variety of new elements which will position the company strongly for the future with respect to technology.

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