Frequently Asked Questions

How does self storage work?

Attic Self Storage offers flexible do-it-yourself storage space for domestic and business customers. We provide clean, dry, individually alarmed storage units, access to which is available seven days a week. Your own individual space is locked with your own padlock, ensuring that you are the only one to have access to your space. If you need to grant access to another person, that can easily be arranged – you are in control.

How long am I tied in for?

You’re not! We ask for a minimum storage period of a week usually, but aside from that, you can store for as long as you like. We will bill you monthly until you leave, and when you do, we will only bill you to the day you leave.  You can give notice any time you like, or you can upsize, downsize, take another unit – basically, it’s a completely flexible storage solution.

How much does it cost?

You can expect to pay from a little as £11pw, up to £265 pw; the actual cost will of course depend on the size of the storage unit you need. Our storage space estimator will help you decide how much space you need. If in doubt, then speak to one of our trained members of staff who can advise you properly and get you the best deal. They can also help you find ways to minimise your storage requirement, and reduce the cost of your storage charges further.

How can I book self storage?

Work out how much storage you need by using our handy storage estimator, and get a quote by clicking the “get a quote” button on our site. Enter your details, reserve the unit, and move in. It’s as simple as that.

See our “how it works” pages for information on how to set up an account, and our additional services:

How can I pay for my storage?

We invoice our clients on a monthly basis, so you pay on the same day each month. After all, you pay all your other bills monthly & you probably get paid monthly yourself – so why would you want to pay every 4 weeks? If you paid every 4 weeks, you would end up paying 13 times a year!

You can choose to pay us by direct debit, standing order or continuous authority on a credit or debit card. Please note we won’t normally accept cash and levy a 10% banking charge for cash or cheque transactions.  Our new online self-stroage check-in portal means you are in control of your payment method at all times.

When do I make my first payment?

You will make your first payment on the day you move in. It’s rather like renting a flat; you pay your rent monthly in advance, and we usually ask for a month’s rent as a fully refundable damage deposit. Of course, we will reduce your first bill by any special offers you may qualify for, which can typically reduce your first bill by up to half.

After booking self storage and payment what’s next?

On the day of your move in we will spend 5 minutes running through the safety check list with you, and will show you to your storage unit. You will also be able to buy a padlock if you have not already purchased one.

What about insurance for self storage?

We offer a bespoke open cover policy under which your goods will be covered by our own insurance policy.  This is the safest option, as our insurers have decades of experience of insuring self storage businesses and self storage customers; they understand the risks, and know how to handle any claims in a quick, stress and hassle-free way. We will ask for an administration charge to add you to our cover, in addition to your storage rental charges. While you don’t have to be covered by our own policy, it is obligatory to maintain insurance for your goods while they are in storage. Remember, we offer the easiest and surest way to gain peace of mind when it comes to covering your goods on a new for old basis.

What is the minimum time I can place my belongings in storage with Attic Self Storage?

You can store for as little as one week, or as long as you need (some clients have been here for years!). We will ask you to pay the first month up front (as you would your rent), but you will be entitled to a refund for any time you didn’t store.

What if I want to transfer to another storage unit?

We have many storage units of different sizes. If you need some extra space for a while, or on a permanent basis, or need to down-size that’s not a problem. You are free to changes storage units any time you like (subject to availability). We will even do the move for you, if it helps!

What is I have under or over-estimated the amount of storage needed?

We will be on hand to provide advice on the day of your move, and will change your booking to suit your storage requirements (subject to availability) on the day of your move.

Are there any hidden charges for your storage units?

The price we quote you includes your storage charge, business rates / council tax, service charges, utility bills, security and maintenance costs. It also includes VAT where applicable. You will need a padlock to secure your storage room (we sell these in store) and your goods will need to be insured whilst they are in storage (again, we do offer an insurance policy). You will need to pay a refundable security deposit equal to one month’s storage charge when you move in, unless you are pre-paying for 6 or 12 months.

That’s it – There are no hidden charges! We don’t charge for reservations. We don’t have any hidden “admin” fees or charges. We offer complimentary use of our wi-fi, forklift truck (where available) and goods receipt and despatch services. Unlike some of our competitors, what we quote really is what you pay. Yes, that even includes complimentary 24hr access.

When can I access my personal belongings?

We offer unlimited access to your storage room 24 hrs a day, 365 days of a year. You can bring more things or take things away with you whenever you like, for no extra charge. In addition, you will find our flexible, helpful staff on site 7 days a week, ready and willing to help with any queries you may have (such as arranging van hire or removal help if you need it).

Can I move in today, without reserving space?

Yes! All you need to do is bring two proofs of id and address with you (utility bill, bank statement etc). One of our members of staff will then help you fill in the storage licence agreement and take payment and then that’s it – he space is yours for as long as you need it. If you would like to reserve a space, you can do so free of charge by speaking to our staff, just give us a call.

What are your opening hours?

We are generally open from 08:30-18:30 Monday to Friday, 09:30 – 18:30 Saturday and 10:00 – 16:00 on Sundays and bank holidays. We can remain open beyond those hours by special arrangement, however, there may be an out-of-hours staffing charge.

Do I have to sign a long lease?

Nope! You simply sign a straightforward agreement prior to moving in. Our staff will talk you through the contents of this simple agreement to make sure you understand the key points of what you’re committing to.

How do I get my belongings into storage?

You can drive here in your own car or van whenever you like. If you need help with the removal or van hire, we can arrange these on your behalf, often at discounted rates. And once you get here, there is plenty of space for loading and unloading, with trollies & dolleys to make life easier for you.

What size of storage space do you have?

Our units range in size from small, 9 cubic foot lockers (3ft x 3ft x3ft) to large, 350 sq. ft rooms that are over 9 feet tall. And we have most sizes in between!

Is your storage facility heated?

Our storage facility is not heated or cooled in summer, as we find the temperature tends to change only slowly through the seasons and it’s never unduly hot or cold in store. Think of the impact of the environment (not to mention bills!) if we were to heat our entire building in winter and cool it in the summer. In addition, heating or cooling a building results in significant condensation building up, which would present damp problems.

How secure is your storage facility?

Our storage facilities are very secure.  We won’t publish details of all our security measures online, however, they do include the following:

  • 24hr digital CCTV with remote monitoring
  • Passive and infrared motions sensors
  • NACOSS Gold guaranteed police response alarm system
  • Our own Perimeter Defence System™
  • Individual door alarms on every single unit
  • Electronic access control systems with individual PIN numbers for every single client

We operate a variety of other security measure include strict “know your customer” routines and good old fashioned vigilance, and other security measures we will keep to ourselves. You can rest safe in the knowledge that when your goods are stored with Attic Self Storage, they are most liked stored more safely than they would be at home!

Once I have a room, how long can I stay?

Once you have room, it’s yours for as long as you need it – some clients have been here for years, other stayed only one week.

What notice to vacate do I need to give?

We only need one month’s notice of your intention to leave, and it may be possible to reduce this even further. Please bear in mind that you notice period will lapse after this period, and we will require the notice to be renewed. Once you complete our check-out process, as refund for any remaining rent and your deposit will be processed and returned to you.

Is there anything I can’t place in storage?

You can store virtually anything with Attic Self Storage! Some obvious exceptions to this rule include:

  • Living items, such as animals and plants
  • Hazardous materials, such as flammable liquids and explosives
  • Items that could decompose, such as exposed foodstuffs
  • Unauthorised or illegal goods, such as drugs or firearms

Can I use your trolleys to move my personal belongings?

Yes, we have a variety of trolleys, dolleys, and pallet trucks at Attic Self Storage for the free use of our clients. We also have a forklift truck on site, which we will be happy to operate on your behalf.

What happens if I lose my padlock key?

If you lose your key to the storage unit, we will use bolt cutters to break the lock and apply a charge for this service.

Do you sell packing boxes?

Yes, we have a range of packing materials to help you with your move and storage requirements, they may be purchased at one of our storage facilities. Ask us if you would like packing materials delivered to your address.