London Guides

These London Guides are for visitors, residents, and people who are thinking of moving to London. Our storage locations are situated in thriving community areas where there are lots to do and see, as well as being attractive places to live. Find out about the best places to live in London by looking at our interactive London borough guide. Use our London King’s Cross area guide to explore one of the liveliest places in London.

Best places to live in London

Discover which London borough suits you best by using our interactive guide, which will show you how each London borough ranks for education, cool factors, safety, and more. You may be surprised by the results!

Boroughs of London

The best places to live in London guide

London King’s Cross area guide

Our Kings Cross store is based in one of the hippest districts in London, so we have put together a local helpful guide for people who may be sight-seeing or are contemplating moving to the area.

London Kings Cross Guide

London King’s Cross Area Guide