Insurance for self storage

You may think that you will not need insurance for self storage as some of your stored items maybe irreplaceable, such as momentos or hand me downs, however, there are many other items where you would be grateful to have insurance, and this applies to both domestic and business customers.

Suppose there is a “storm of the century” and the roof is ripped off the storage facility in which you had rented a storage unit, then without insurance you would be faced with a huge replacement cost, which is why is is a condition self storage that you have cover in place.

Membership requirements

As a member of the UK’s Self Storage Association, we are obliged to check that each client storing in our self storage facility has insurance cover in place, even if you don’t purchase it from a self storage provider. In practice we often find personal policies fail to provide the required level of cover, so we usually insist that our clients use our own AtticSafe insurance policy, there is no extra charge for this.

Benefits of self storage insurance

  • we know that you will be fully covered at all times
  • we know that the policy will pay out
  • we know that you are covered on a “new” for “old” basis
  • we know that is will speed up the claims process
  • there is no risk of not being paid out because of some obscure reason

Final comments on insurance

Items placed in self storage are done so at your own risk. Under the cover provided by the AtticSafe™ policy, actual loss of, damage, or destruction to your property will remain subject to the insurance conditions of this policy at all times. Our liability for actual physical loss, destruction or damage to your property is limited to the terms of the storage licence agreement. See our terms and conditions for information on how to claim.