Insurance for Self Storage

Storage insurance.  In the unfortunate event of a loss, perhaps you won’t be able to replace those sentimental items, keep-sakes or hand-me-downs.  But for everything else, our self storage insurance provides complete peace of mind, and you’ll be grateful to have the cover.

Imagine your are finally ready to move in to your new home, only to find the storm of the century (not so far fetched a scenario these days!) has ripped the roof off the self storage facility in which you had rented a personal storage unit in London. Your belongings are now variously in the Thames and Peru, having been carried thousands of miles by a tropical storm. Exciting for them, not so much for you.

Do you have insurance for self storage in place?  Who will handle the claim, and will they keep you informed every step of the way?  Will the insurance even pay out?

What do you do?

If you chose to store with a member of the UK’s Self Storage Association (which you really ought to, for a whole number of very good reasons) then you will find the having storage insurance in place is mandatory.  It is a condition of membership that all clients storing in self storage facilities have valid and sufficient insurance cover in place – so even if you didn’t purchase it with the self storage provider, they should have checked to make sure you had a policy in place.

In practice, we find that personal policies can lapse and often fail to provide the required level of cover.  There are also some pretty cheap online insurance providers, but as with everything else, you get what you pay for.  So we are always far more comfortable when clients choose our own AtticSafe self storage insurance policy.

Why? Because:

  • we know you’re fully covered at all times, for all risks
  • we know the policy will pay out
  • we know the claim will be handled quickly, efficiently and with excellent communication
  • the cover includes terrorism risk
  • you are covered on a “new for old” basis
  • there isn’t any risk of your insurance provider backing out because you failed to tell them we had painted the building orange, or some other obscure excuse

We also know we won’t later be subject to a further claim by a third party storage insurance provider.  In summary it’s quicker, it’s easier, it’s safer – and so we offer cover under our AtticSafe policy to all our clients.

Complete peace of mind, because you store with us, and so we care – where will that cheap website be when you need to claim?  Do they even care?



Don’t trip up!  Make sure you’re covered by our AtticSafe self storage insurance cover.


Remember that items placed in self storage are done so at you own risk. Under the cover provided by our AtticSafe™ policy, actual loss of, damage or destruction to your property will remain subject to the insurance conditions of this policy at all times. Please note that our liability for actual physical loss, destruction or damage to your property is limited by the terms of the storage licence agreement, also signed by you.  You confirm that you have read and understood all of the terms, conditions and exclusions of our AtticSafe™ policy before the signing the storage licence agreement. See our terms and conditions for information on how to claim.