London storage

Finding a storage location in London today is much easier than it used to be.

In the past the only option was to hire a container, which would be stored in a large warehouse with no access or visibility. So once your possessions were stored, they would not be seen again until the container was delivered to your doorstep and emptied.

Happily, times have changed and there are now many more solutions for external storage. The reasons for using storage have also grown exponentially. The cost of owning your own extra storage space is not cost effective, especially in London, which is why so many people have become regular users of self storage in London.

London self storage

Self storage is big business, and although the business appears to lack excitement, new entries to the market such as Attic Self Storage, have done much to change that view. We have created new flexible services to meet our customers’ changing requirements and to provide affordable storage.

New build storage facilities have thrown off the old grubby warehouse image, and self storage has evolved into a smart solution for both personal and business customers. With a personal storage unit, which is only accessible by the keyholder, and 24/7 access, the storage unit really does appear to be an extension of the home or business.

Will Attic Self Storage be a good choice?

We have an enviable reputation for service, and we are constantly looking for new ways to improve it even more!

Our storage facilities are modern, secure, dry, well-lit, and clean, which bode well for our customers’ experience and feeling secure.

We also operate a local competitive pricing policy. We may not be the cheapest but we will aim to give the best customer experience.

Our first self storage facility was established in Bow, and our most recent self storage facility is in Kings Cross. These storage facilities are well placed for:-