London Storage and Honey Bees

Urban gardens consisting of paved and synthetic grass have squeezed wildlife into smaller and smaller spaces, which is why we are doing what we can to enhance the environment for the Honey Bee by supporting Friends of the Honey Bee, which is a national campaign organised by the British Beekeepers Association. So find out how London storage and honey bees are connected.

London storage connection

Attic Self Storage donate £1 per “move-in” to Friends of the Honey Bee. Our latest donation was for £1,157.00 which accounts for a lot of house moves!

Other support for the honey Bee

Research in 2013, found that bees living in city hives cannot find enough flowers to feed on, and can end up sick or starving to death, so people were encouraged to grow bee-friendly flowers instead of setting up hives. The Attic self storage facility in Bow is in the middle of an industrial estate next to the A12, but this has not stopped us planting wild flowers to provide food for the honey bees. Our flower beds also provide a lovely display of colour in an area which can look rather drab.

Although the situation for honey bees has improved since 2013, we cannot afford to be complacent. A better environment still needs to be built and maintained for bees in the towns and the countryside. Bees need to be healthier to withstand disease and harsh winters, and funding is also needed for research into the devastation caused by the varroa mite which causes bees to emerge with deformities such as missing legs or wings and will shorten their life span.

If you would like to support the Honey Bee, then become a supporter of the Friends of the Honey Bee.

For other local organisations we support see “sponsorships“.