Man and Van

Looking for a man and van for moving home? Getting your personal belongings from one house to another, to or from your storage unit can be a challenge in central London.  Even the more intrepid among us often shiver at the thought of driving a Luton box van through London’s packed and busy streets, when we either drive a small car to the shops at the weekend, or seldom drive at all.

There’s also the inconvenience of it; having to get quotes for van hire, make sure you’re over 25, give pre-authorisation for the deposit on your credit card for £500 or £1,000 and then, after all that, traipse across town to collect your hulking van before they close at 17.30. Sharp.  Then you get home and find it won’t fit in your underground car park, and there’s nowhere you can park it outside without incurring the wrath of the local traffic wardens who you can be sure will be up before the crack of dawn to hunt you down.

Having spent all day carting boxes down the stairs, fretting about traffic wardens, fighting through traffic, worrying about the Congestion Charge, arguing with your partner and trying to work out where the fuel flap is, you then find yourself trying desperately to get the van back across town before said van hire shop closes again. At 17.30. Sharp. You know this because they told you so firmly the day before.

Life’s stressful enough as it is, especially when moving house, which is widely recognised as one of the most stressful things you can do.  Let us take the strain. It’s what we’re here for.


Feeling Disorganised?

You’re probably feeling a little impatient at this point. Not enough time. Too many things to sort out. And you’re not entirely sure how you’re going to get it all done. Plus, what if you forget something important?

Let us help you. We pride ourselves on helping you shoulder the strain. You don’t have to take it all on yourself, moving house is not easy – we know it isn’t.  That’s why we’ve worked hard to identify reliable removal services for our clients.  Hand picked specifically for clients who want to move in and out of our self storage facilities.


Moving Service

Many clients find they’re so happy with the service they receive from our partners they use them time and again.  They’re familiar with our facilities and all our routines, so you can count on them to know what they’re doing when it comes to self storage as well as removals.

They work on an hourly basis, so there’s complete visibility on charges and you have them as long as you need them. They charge by the hour and, depending on how many men and how many vans you need, the price typically varies from £50/hr and up.

As with our storage services, you will probably find cheaper man and van services than the ones we recommend, but we won’t chose fly by night cowboys who cut corners. They are all fully insured, and properly taxed.  If you prefer to go with an un-insured cash-in-hand option just remember, we’re here for you if things don’t go according to plan, although we might not be able to help last minute if the diary’s full.

Insurance – our partners are fully insured to carry out the business of removals, although typically they do not extend full insurance cover to your goods in the event of breakage, and liability will at all times limited to a maximum of £50 per per item.  Please check the terms and conditions of the operator.

Finally, the boring bit – while we will recommend a removal service to you, we make no warranties or representations on their behalf, and you contract directly with them.  We are not a party to the transaction and cannot be held liable for any problems you may face.  Although we’re pretty sure you won’t face any, and if you did, we would of course be here for you.