Collection and delivery

We can offer a scheduled collection and delivery service to and from self storage for all our clients.  While we are happy to make regular collections or deliveries within typically a 3-5 mile radius, we can also offer our services further afield on an ad-hoc basis (as far as Scotland in one case!).  While our service won’t prove economical for individual parcels being delivered across the country, we have found that our man and van based collection and delivery service is popular with events based businesses and other similar businesses making use of our self storage facility.

This is typically charged on hourly rates, with a minimum charge applicable. If you are interested in this service, then please contact us to talk about your requirements.  Please note that prior to making any booking we ask that our clients to ensure clear access and parking for a collection or delivery, as any parking charges and/or fees will be charged to your account.

Pickup service

Goods for pickup must be packed for collection before the arrival of our man and van. This pickup service can operate to a regular schedule, or on an ad-hoc basis by booking the pickup through our customer services team. On arrival at Attic Self Storage, the goods will be unloaded and stored in the business client’s storage unit.  A member of our self storage management team will retain a log of the number of boxes moved into storage.

Delivery service

If stock is to be moved from a self storage unit to a business client’s premises, this can be arranged provided full instructions are provided on what is to be moved. Boxes must be clearly marked, packed and sealed prior to collection. A member of our self storage management team will retain a log of the number of boxes moved out of storage.  Again, please ensure you have made appropriate arrangements for access regarding parking and unloading.

Receipt and dispatch service

Don’t forget that we offer a complimentary receipt and dispatch service in our stores, so your deliveries can be signed for but you don’t have to wait around all day.  Naturally this service comes with terms & conditions, as it’s a complimentary service; we’ll retain smaller parcels in reception for up to three days free of charge, while large deliveries must be attended to on the same day or a charge for storage will be levied.  Please consider our other clients when using this service, and avoid leaving large orders / deliveries in awkward places. Any deliveries blocking fire exits will be moved outside immediately.

Service availability

Please note that our collection and delivery service does not normally operate on weekends, however this can be arranged in advance if required.  Our typical hours of service are 6am to 7pm Monday to Friday but again, if you need us to work out of hours to your schedule we can do that, just give us sufficient notice.  We’re here to help you, and we understand that the world doesn’t fit in to a Monday – Friday box! That’s one of the reasons why we include 24 hour access, 365 days a year to our self storage facilities free of charge for all our clients.*

If you require a weekend service then again we would simply ask that you provide as much notice as possible.


* store may be closed for maintenance (floor painting) typically 2-3 days a year