How it works – man and van

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Booking our moving service couldn’t be simpler.

  1. Let us know you’d like our help moving home
  2. Confirm the amount of space you’re expecting to need in storage
  3. We’ll discuss the man and van options with you, including the prices
  4. We send you a booking form for you to complete
  5. You pay a moving deposit (equivalent to 2hrs, this is deducted from your final moving bill) and your move is booked in to our diary
  6. The day before your move, we call you to confirm everything is still on track
  7. On the day of your house move, our experienced removal porters arrive to start the move

You don’t need to accompany them to our self storage facility, although most clients like to know where their personal self storage unit is located, so they can access it without any help in future.  Once the move is complete, we’ll contact you to let you know the total number of hours and to collect final payment (less your initial deposit).

That’s it! Moving home couldn’t be simpler. We’ll pack your things, move them in to storage, and then move them back out of storage and in to your new home. No stress.

Loading and moving

People often underestimate the physical tasks involved in loading and moving, but however strong, there is always a risk of long term injury. Every time a heavy object is lifted by bending over, the back and spine is under tremendous stress. This is why it is often a good idea to hire the services of someone who is trained in the techniques for lifting and carrying heavy objects in order to avoid long term back problems.

Moving in to self storage

Our experienced man and van crew will make sure that the van is loaded correctly, and that moving into self storage is achieved in a timely and efficient manner.  They will also unload the van at our self storage unit and move your belongings in to one of our secure self storage units.  We use of trolleys, dolleys, and pump trucks to reduce the need to carry boxes and heavy objects from the van to the rented storage unit, and all our facilities feature lifts to avoid having to carry precious belongings up stairs.