Man and van pricing

Our man and van removal service in London is charged hourly, which means you can keep our removal crews and vans for as long as you need them. Details of the cost of our man and van service are below.

Charges are based on the number of men you need and the size of the vehicle.  We have two sizes; a long wheelbase VW Crafter van, offering 500 cubic feet and a bespoke low-loader box-van offering 900 cubic feet.  By way of comparison, a standard Luton box van has around 600 cubic feet of space.

Packing Service Charges

Our packing service is offered hourly, excluding materials, and subject to a minimum charge of £50.

1 packer – £15/hr

2 packers – £30/hr

3 packers – £45/hr

(all charges exclude VAT)

Removal Service Charges

With our 900 cubic foot van, you will have fewer journeys and so your overall charges may be lower than if you opted for a smaller van, which ended up having to perform multiple trips in London traffic.  Our 900 cubic foot van is a low-loader and designed for offering a high capacity moving vehicle in London; it still requires a 25 foot long space to park & load, but this is considerably less than similar capacity removal trucks.

Remember when comparing our removal service with others, that the majority of other man and van services will be offering you a single Luton (600 cubic foot) or Transit (500 cubic foot) equivalent for their hourly charges.

1 man + 500 cubic foot van – from £45/hr

2 men + 500 cubic foot van – from £60/hr

2 men + 900 cubic foot van – from £75/hr

3 men + 900 cubic foot van – from £90/hr

4 men + 1400 cubic foot (2 vans) – from £100/hr

( all charges exclude VAT)

Collection and Delivery Service Charges

We offer collection and delivery services tailored to your requirements, please speak to a member of our team to find out more so we can prepare a quote tailored to your needs and to your budget.