Household storage

Self storage is often used as additional household storage space.  This may be a permanent feature, with some of our clients keeping storage units long-term; others only keep the storage unit for a short while, until they’ve been able to sort out some additional space in the home.

Growing families need more space

Moving in together, getting hitched, having children, children leaving for uni – all these things will put pressure on the amount of space you have in your home.  With every smaller homes being built, there’s literally nowwhere to keep your sports equipment, the baby buggy and the Christmas decorations in many homes, let alone the keepsakes from your younger days.

Self storage offers the perfect solution, with sizes from as little as 7 square feet up to 500 square feet, all available on fully flexible terms, for as long as you need it. As your family needs grow, your space can grow; as they shrink, so too can your storage space. It’s the perfect solution for a clean and tidy family home. We can even offer short-term solutions if your are moving home too!

Seasonal self storage

Because of the unrivalled flexibility offered by personal self storage, many of our clients make use of our storage units either on a seasonal basis, or all year round, but increase and reducing the space they keep on a seasonal basis.

A good example of this would be Christmas, when perhaps you need somewhere to store your Christmas presents until the big day (you can even wrap them in store – we’ll sign for all your deliveries and you can sit in reception and chat to us as you wrap).  We also find families using temporary storage space when relatives come to visit from abroad for a few weeks, and over the summer, when kids come home from college and mum’s exercise bike has to be moved from the spare room.

Demand for our self storage services is seasonal too, so if you’re looking for extra space during the winter, you may be able to bag a bargain.

Better than storing in a garden shed

We’ve all been there. Mangy old shed in the back garden, offering extra space; let’s stick a few things in there. We’ve done it too.  A year later, the cardboard boxes a falling apart, anything with metal is rusting (including the half-empty tins of paint and cans of WD40) and you’re far more interested in filming spiders the size of dinner plates for YouTube than actually going in your shed to explore and see what you can find.

Sheds are damp and not secure. They’re only designed for keeping basic garden equipment, not for storing your original iMac, or your university diploma; your mother’s favourite dinner set or the pictures which, well, your partner doesn’t like but you like enough to keep. For now. In the shed.

Our self storage units are dry, safe and secure. Mice won’t find a home in your spare mattress; your bike won’t rust and your mum will love you forever when she asks for the dinner set back. So remember: the garden shed is for potting plants, fertiliser and pitchforks (the clue’s in the name). Self storage for everything else.

Better even than storing in a garage

Lock-up garages are a cheap alternative to self storage. We’re happy to admit that.  There’s a reason why they’re much cheaper. There’s no security. No CCTV. No alarm. They’re often damp and water can enter under the roller door, especially when the wind is up and blowing a gale, forcing water on the ground under the roller door – we’ve seen it happen. Mice and rats love them in winter, as they offer shelter and if the guy next door is keeping food in his, expect to see all sorts of cockroaches and insects diving for cover when you next haul open the rusty garage door.

If it’s worth keeping, and if it’s worth storing, it’s worth storing properly. In a dry, safe and secure self storage unit, where it will keep as safe and secure as the day you brought it in. Plus, the storage unit will be yours for as long as you want it – whereas with the lock-up garage, at some point, well, someone’s going to come along and build a block of flats on it.

For more information about how our personal storage works or if you want even more reasons to choose Attic Self Storage for your storage needs, please click the links provided.