Decluttering storage

Hoarding is the human condition. For whatever reason, we all have a tendency to collect things as time goes by, and we’re disinclined to get rid of stuff.  And no-one likes to throw away unwanted gifts, just in case you get asked about them later. So we store it all. We find it a home. In a box, in a cupboard, in a drawer, under the desk, under the sink, under the bed. In your husband’s sock drawer. In your wife’s car boot.

We don’t mean to of course, but often we move in to brand new, empty, clean spaces and then a few years later, well, there’s just stuff everywhere.

What is decluttering

Decluttering is the accepted term for removing clutter from your home. It doesn’t mean getting rid of everything, it just means, well, making space. Space to move, space to live, space to breath. There is definitely a trend for decluttering and we’re also reading a lot about hoarders on the internet and on TV now; people who really do have a problem with throwing anything away.

For most of us though, decluttering is just a case of tidying up, and finding somewhere to put everything.

When you should declutter your home

Decluttering at home is all about making space, either temporarily or permanently.

The trigger point for most people is a life event; perhaps your partner is moving in, you’re having a baby, or you’re planning to move home. If you’re moving, it’s well known that a breezy home free from clutter sells much faster, and at a higher average price, than cluttered homes.  Perhaps you want to change the look of your home to create a minimalist look, or simply to create the impression of space when putting it up for sale, then put surplus furniture and accessories into self storage.

Family visits and celebrations are also times for crowding into the family home.  Sometimes you need to move things around and make space for your relatives – moving all that clutter into self storage.  Nostalgic items that are being saved for the next generation, such as toys, prams, and bikes, take up space, so consider using self storage where they will be secure and accessible.

When to declutter your workspace

Working at home can often lead to a great deal of clutter. Company files and records need to be retained for 7 years, and some home businesses also have stock requirements. Working from home often starts in the spare bedroom, but soon expands to other rooms in the house. And much of the clutter is for official files. So expand your space by moving this paraphernalia into self storage.

Have a look at these top decluttering tips for simplifying your life.