Decorating storage

One of the most tedious jobs of decorating the home, is moving furniture to make space for the ladders and to protect belongings from paint splashes and chemicals. Inevitably, you end up with paint splashes all over the place, including on your favourite curtains and your furniture.

It is much easier to decorate when you don’t need to worry about the logistics of moving everything out of the way every twenty minutes. Move it all in to temporary storage, and then you (and your tradesmen) can just crack on and get the job done.

Self storage when doing DIY

Most homes do not have a big enough spare room, attic space or garage / shed which can be used for temporary storage space; in addition to which, when was the last time you heard of a DIY or house renovation project completing on time? That’s right – they always drag on and before you know it, it’s Christmas, the in-laws are due to visit and the spare room is ram-packed floor to ceiling with your things.

Don’t make life difficult for yourself – rent a storage room, and place all your things in storage until your DIY and renovation projects are completed. We’ll even sign for deliveries on your behalf – we’ve had fridges, baths and once a hot-tub arrive for our customers! Sadly we had to let them have the hot-tub as there was no-where for us to install it, but you get the point.

Decorate faster with self storage

Having a clear space to decorate and complete your house renovation will speed up the entire process. You or your tradesmen won’t have to spend time every day moving furniture around to be able to work around it, and then moving it back in the evening so you can watch TV or have dinner.

The savings you make by completing the job faster will pay for the cost of renting that self storage unit, with the added bonus that you finish earlier and none of your furniture gets damaged. There are also special low season Winter self storage deals, so the most cost effective time to do your decorating is in the Winter. Or alternatively use self storage all year round to store those ladders and tools that only get used when decorating.

Don’t forget we have a handy man and van removal service so we can even pick it all up, store it and then drop it off again for you once you’re all done.