Equipment storage

Self storage is suitable for sports equipment storage for personal and club use. There is a range of personal storage unit sizes to choose from, so you can select a size that will suit your requirements.

Secure storage for sports equipment

If you have ever been involved in a local sports team with no permanent club house, you will appreciate how difficult it can be storing sports equipment. Even “alarmed” club houses in quiet locations will often attract local vandals and thefts.

Football goal posts, balls, cricket pads, cricket bats, training equipment, cones, bean bags, benches, and kit for two sides or more, end up cluttering your home, or will live permanently in the car boot, causing much aggravation to other members of the family.

There is a lot of responsibility for looking after this equipment so it can cause stress to store it and make it available to other coaches and team members. Self storage is secure, stress free, and accessible.

Self storage is also perfect for golf enthusiasts, who have acquired a large selection of golf clubs. Golf bags and trolleys can be bulky and unsightly when cluttering the hallway at home. So why not consider keeping them in self storage?

Mid Week and Weekend Access

There is no time restraint on when you can access self storage. So weekends and late mid week training sessions are not a problem, the equipment can be accessed as and when required.