How it works – personal

The rules:

  1. Your personal storage is just that, your space. Only you have the key to the lock on the door. It’s private and it’s secure
  2. You need to prove to us you are who you say you are, and then
  3. You sign a licence agreement with us, outlining our contractual relationship
  4. You can store pretty much anything, so long as it’s not alive, flammable, explosive or perishable (though some things are excluded for insurance purposes) – ask us or check out the licence agreement for a list of what you can’t store
  5. You pay your rent 6/12 months in advance (for a discount) or monthly / 4 weekly ongoing

That’s all there is to it. You can take extra space if you need to fit larger household items, upsize, downsize, rightsize, leftsize samesize anytime you like.

How to reserve a self storage unit

Reserving your very own self storage unit really couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Work out how much personal storage space you need. It may differ from person to person depending on if they want student storage or storage for moving house. We have a handy size estimator here for whatever you require.
  2. Get a quote by clicking on the orange “get a quote” button at the top of this page
  3. Enter your details to reserve your storage space.

If the above wasn’t enough reason to choose Attic Self Storage, check out our other reasons why you should choose us.

Congratulations! You’re ready to go. Our store team will make contact to confirm the details and run through it all with you. Don’t worry if you’re not sure about the size you need, we won’t tie you down to a size and will remain flexible right up until move-in day.

Once you’re ready to move in, you can make use of our unique online check-in service.

4. Log in to your account

5. Enter your personal details, including your personal ID information and your payment details. We only use secure 3rd party payment gateways and won’t hold any payment information ourselves, either in store or on our website, so please don’t worry

6. That’s it! Your account has been set up. On the day you come to the store, remember to bring the same ID you used at check-in so we can verify who you are.  We will then show you your proposed unit, and if you like it, you can take up the reservation and move in. If you need more space, we’ll simply show you a larger storage unit.

Attic Self Storage has worked hard to invest in our online quote, check-in and account management facility.  We are the first self storage business in the UK to offer this level of online functionality, because we believe it’s what our clients expect from us.  Unlike some of our competitors, our online check-in and account management service is a fully functional service meaning once you’re set up, you can amend your personal details, payment details, download past invoices or give notice on your storage space, all done securely through our online portal. It couldn’t be easier.

Moving in to your storage unit

We can help you pack your things, including providing a range of packing materials, and of course we offer help with the removal as well, with our very own in-house man & van service. If you would like our help, please let a member of staff know, or add it to your basket when reserving your space online.

On the day, we’ll need five minutes to run through our move-in safety checklist with you and to show you to your unit, but you’ll already have done all the tedious stuff online so it won’t take long. If for any reason you haven’t had time to set up your online account, don’t worry, we’ll take you through it in-store on one of our check-in terminals.

No longer need storage?

Once you’re ready to move out, just let us know by giving us notice. If you would like our friendly man & van service to help you move out, let us know and we’ll get it booked in for you.

On the day of your move out of storage, you will need to come in to reception to let us know you have moved out, so that we can inspect the unit with you to confirm it is empty and there is no damage.  You sign the move-out form and this is what triggers the refund of any unused rental back to you. Be sure to tell all your friends about our legendary service!