Moving storage

There are many things that trigger a need for self storage, but top of the list is moving.

You might be moving to start a new job, or perhaps you’re going abroad on secondment for a while. You may have taken The Big Plunge and moved in with your partner, meaning you find you have two of everything but perhaps you like the comfort of not jettisoning it all just yet.  You’ve just bought a new pad (congratulations!) or maybe you just decided to try living in a different part of town; after all, London is such a diverse cultural City.

Changes in technology, company relocation, school or university attendance, starting a new job, loss of income or benefits, whatever the reason we are an increasingly transient society, constantly on the move and often needing a requirement for moving storage. A place where you can store your household belongings in a safe environment while you sort out your life.

Short & long term moving storage solution

  • Flexible storage terms: Attic Self Storage offers personal storage solutions for a minimum of 7 days, up to as long as you need.
  • Flexible storage units: choose self storage units from 10 sqft up to 350 sqft
  • Don’t know how much storage you need? Use our storage estimator or get a quote
  • Complete security: Attic Self Storage is completely secure with 24/7 CCTV, individual alarms and electronic access controls across all of our sites.
  • You keep the key: ONLY you have the key to your self storage unit. You can however, designate individuals who will have access should you be unable to.

Student storage in London

We have a number of services and products aimed directly at students, whether you need to store your belongings over the summer, you’re moving away or you simply have too much, we can help you out.

To find out more, visit our dedicated student storage page.

Your belongings are safe and secure

Our self storage sites in Bow and Kings Cross are fully secure. They’re monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and all of our storage units are alarmed. You hold the key to your unit and nobody other than you or a nominated individual will have access to it. Not only that, our storage units are dry and warm; much better than a cold and draughty shed or garage. If that is not enough, check out our other reasons for choosing Attic Self Storage!

Finally, we offer comprehensive and competitive insurance plans to cover your belongings from damage while they’re in storage. Visit our storage insurance page for more information.

Attic Self Storage staff are here to help

Our staff are highly experienced and can help answer any questions you may have regarding our services. Over the years there’s not much we haven’t been asked so we can help you with everything from the very simple to the very complicated. We just want to make sure your experience with us is as good as possible.

What else do we offer?

Talk to a member of Attic Self Storage staff and we’ll try to help you out regarding your situation. For example:

  • We offer a man and van service to help move belongings in and out of storage.
  • We can take deliveries for you
  • You can buy things like boxes, protective covers, packaging materials, tape and even padlocks on site.

If you need more information about how we can help you, take a look at our guide to how our personal storage works.