Furniture storage

There can be many reasons for storing furniture. It could be during a relocation while changing jobs, or for storing furniture for an elderly relative, or while moving home or office. Whatever the reason, self storage is a short or long term solution to furniture storage.

Dry and damp free self storage

Our personal storage units are totally dry. They adhere to slow natural temperature variations, which means that condensation never forms, so the units are always dry. There is no chance of your furniture getting damp and damaged by mildew, and the dry atmosphere will deter the development of woodworm. The storage facility is not air-conditioned.

What about infestation and vermin?

The risk of any infestation from previously stored furniture or goods is unlikely to occur, as all storage units are thoroughly swept before being reused. Our storage facility is well sealed so there is little risk of nibbling vermin gaining access to have a meal by gnawing your furniture. All access points have been checked and there are no holes or gaps under floors through which vermin could enter the buildings. We cannot provide a 100% guarantee that it will not happen but we do everything we can to minimise the risk, and we also employ ongoing pest control management services.

How can I protect my furniture?

Blankets, piano covers, sofa, armchair and mattress protectors are provided, as well as bubble wrap, picture corner guards, and picture boxes to protect your furniture and belongings. Our customer service team will provide more information about this service.

What about insurance?

It is a condition of our membership of the UK’s Self Storage Association that all clients storing with us will have full and valid insurance for self storage in place, either for the self storage provided or on your existing valid insurance.