Moving home storage

Whether moving to a new home for the first time or not, research has shown that moving home is often more stressful than divorce or getting a new job. The anxiety of co-ordinating everything leading up to the move, alongside juggling day to day activities, and worrying about where to store your moving home storage if things do not go according to plan, can lead to a feeling of being totally overwhelmed.

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Caught in a housing chain

The housing market in the UK is notoriously difficult. As if finding and funding a home wasn’t hard enough, you then find yourself in a chain, with very little control over what other people in the chain are doing. You can very easily find yourself having to move out of one place, but with nowhere to move to!

That’s where we can help. A last-minute change can be solved with one quick phone call; and all of a sudden, you may as well be on holiday, just you and your suitcase staying with a friend or family member. Nothing to worry about – whether it’s a few days, a week or longer, whatever happens in your homebuying chain, we’ll keep your personal belongings safe and secure for as long as you need us to.

Use self storage for less stress

Self storage can reduce stress, during the move, between moves, and while you are settling into your new home. It is a temporary storage solution that will keep all home storage in one place. Every home is different so self storage will allow time and space for you to plan on how to furnish your new home.

Additional moving home help

Many people decide on a do-it-yourself approach to moving, and hire a self drive van to move their possessions into and out of self storage. This can often lead to an increase in stress by worrying about driving an unfamiliar vehicle. Further frustration can occur because of poor packing techniques which result in breakages.

We offer a man and van service to provide packing assistance and to help with moving into and out of storage which will also help alleviate further stress and anxiety during a move.

You may also find our moving checklist of some help when moving home. Compiling a full home inventory is also recommended.