Student storage London

London features a vibrant, thriving student scene, but it comes at a price – London is not a cheap place to live. Rented accommodation whether on the campus or off-site, is expensive, and it is often cramped for space. Self storage provides an opportunity for students to save money by allowing them to rent smaller accommodation, to sublet their rooms during the holidays or even better, avoid renting at all during the holiday.

Student storage while away

Many students in London, especially those who are away from home for the first time, will take a lot of belongings to university that might not be in everyday use, but need to be accessible just in case. Choosing a local self storage company, such as Attic Self Storage in Bow, or in Kings Cross, means that the student storage space is just a short walk away.  With storage that remains accessible 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, even the night owls (or those travelling at unsociable hours) can still access their belongings.

Student vacation storage

Students in the UK are often asked to vacate their rooms during the Summer and Winter vacations, so that the University can re-let the accommodation outside of term time. Although we work with reliable man & van outfits, we often find that for student storage UK, transferring your belongings between your accommodation and self storage using a taxi works out both easier & cheaper.  Uber to the rescue!

On the opposing side to this, families of students can take advantage of our household and moving storage options whilst your son or daughter is away at university during term time, if you require the extra space.

You can rent personal storage space as small as a locker (that’s a cubic meter, or 9 cubic feet) for just a few weeks to suit you, safe in the knowledge that you can access it any time you like.

Self storage for overseas students

24/7 access to student storage in London allied to our online reservation & checkin service means overseas students can access their things any time of day or night.   So if you come back to the UK late at night, you will still be able to get your belongings and move them back to your accommodation.

For more information about how our personal storage works or if you want even more reasons to choose Attic Self Storage for your storage needs, please click the links provided.


Let us look after your things while you take a care-free holiday… the world is your oyster!