24 hour storage

Traffic in central London can be an absolute nightmare. It’s heavy. It’s unpredictable. We all work long hours, and sometimes, events beyond our control mean there’s just no way we can get somewhere before 5pm.

That’s why at Attic Self Storage, we insist on providing all our customers with complimentary 24hr access to their storage units.

How to access your self storage unit out of hours

You will be issued with a unique 8-digit PIN code (Personal Identification Number).  Upon arriving on site, you will need to enter the PIN code on one of our electronic access control keypads.  If you enter a valid code, the gate, barrier or glass sliding door will open for you automatically.  At the same time, your personal storage unit’s alarm will be disabled, and you will be logged on to our systems.

Once you have finished on site, simply pop in your code on your way out, and the alarm will be re-set for your storage unit, and you’ll be logged off our system.  If you have left and forgot to set your alarm, fear not – after a fixed period of time with no activity on any keypad and during which time your storage unit door has not been opened, the system will automatically re-arm your unit alarm and log you off.

If anyone tries to access your storage unit without having entered the correct entry PIN code, the alarm will be activated.

No hidden extra cost

We offer our 24 hour access as a complimentary service to our clients. It is available 365 days a year, although please note that on occasion access may be restricted for maintenance reasons (eg floor painting).  Also, the service remains discretionary at all times and Management reserves the right to withdraw it at any time, for example if it is abused or if clients engage in threatening behaviour towards our staff and / or other customers.

You will also need to have passed our Know Your Customer identity check before we permit use of this service.

Please also note that we cannot be held liable for any technical failures or failures of our access control systems.


Please note, 24hr access is a discretionary service offered at no extra charge, and Management reserves the absolute right to withdraw this service at any time