Secure storage

Our self storage units and storage facilities are protected by several layers of security, ranging from physical barriers through client checks to passive security and surveillance systems to provide safe storage for your possessions. We can’t tell you about all our security systems for obvious reasons, but here’s an outline.


Secure storage facilities in London

Our self storage facilities all comply fully both with the Self Storage Association of the United Kingdom’s basic membership requirements, but also with their recommended best practice guidelines – and in many cases, we go beyond even the best practice guidelines.

Every perimeter is secure, comprised of brick or a modern steel fence. We don’t share our facilities and access points with any third party.  Perimeters are protected with our Perimeter Defence System™, which includes remote monitored digital CCTV systems and motion sensors.  Our CCTV systems are HD quality, record for considerably longer than standard, incorporate motion-triggered alarm & notification systems and are backed up off-site.

In addition, our facilities are themselves protected using NACOSS Gold standard guaranteed police response intruder alarm systems, incorporating both contact and contactless intruder sensor storage

Fire detection systems

Our self storage facilities incorporate up to date fire detection and early warning systems, with smart design and construction to permit easy and rapid spread of smoke or heat to numerous fire head detector units, guaranteeing early fire detection.

We also provide enhanced fire protection to our steel frame construction and in between floors with fire rated ceilings, and incorporate audio and PA systems in all our buildings, ensuring verbal warnings can be issued to back-up the fire alarm itself if activated.

Secure self storage units in London

All our self storage units are built from galvanised steel sheeting materials, we don’t use wood, chipboard or plywood as unit partitioning material.  Every unit is fitted with secure hinges and an individual lock mechanism, to which you will fit your own padlock and only you hold the key.

In addition, all our self storage units are fitted with individual unit alarms, ensuring that if somehow someone does manage to break in to your unit, the alarm will be triggered and our alarm and intruder response protocol will be activated.

Security partners

We work closely with the Metropolitan Police, the NCA (formerly SOCA) and London Trading Standards as well as HRMC and the UK Border Agency. Our security team covers our emergency out of hours response, key-holding and other security requirements including daytime response if required by staff.

Our off site CCTV, unit and site alarm, fire and panic response (including lone worker) monitoring ensure that any alarms are escalated in accordance with protocol both quickly and efficiently.

Passive security

In addition to all of the above, our staff engage in a number of tactics to keep things running ship-shape in store.  These range from ensuring no client stores with Attic Self Storage unless they have proven who they are and passed our client identity checking process, to keeping corridors, loading areas and fire escapes clear and free from obstruction during our scheduled site routines multiple times a day.

Our store staff are also trained in other forms of passive security, from spotting fake and fraudulent IDs to monitoring client usage of the storage facility in order to ensure compliance with our terms of storage, and use that is consistent with what we’ve been told about why they need storage.  We will not permit our storage facilities to be used for anything other than benign uses by well meaning individuals and all clients should rest easy in the knowledge that any untoward activity will be dealt with both swiftly and effectively with immediate reference to the relevant public body.