Studying can be much more productive in an uncluttered environment.

Just why is student storage so popular? Students can’t possibly have that much stuff - right? Well, often it’s not about the amount of things that a student might have but more about convenience.

Vacating student accommodation

When living in halls of residence or even other student accommodation, you will often find that you need to vacate the room outside of term time. Universities often have conferences during the main holidays and will therefore need the accommodation and in these situations it means uplifting all your things over each holiday just to move them straight back into the same room again a few weeks later. This is particularly a problem if your main residence or your family is not located close by or you don’t have transport.

There’s also the cost to consider too. If you have plans over the holidays and don’t plan to use your university accommodation then what’s the point in paying for it. It is actually really simple to move your things out and free up your rent money - there are far better things to spend it on.

Student storage

Attic Self Storage provide storage options for students from as little as 10 square feet. This is perfect for storing all your study materials, spare clothes and furnishings over the holidays. You’ll probably find that it is even more cost effective than carting them all the way home and certainly more convenient too. Get an online quote today and see how student storage could work for you.

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