Environmental Awareness Award

Attic Self Storage won the storage.co.uk environmental awareness award in 2010-2011 for initiatives which sought to minimise the impact of self storage upon the environment.

This award covered the building, power supply, landscaping, packaging, and siting for public transport.

Storage Environmental Awareness Reward

How did we do it?

There was tough competition from over 1,200 other storage facilities across the UK.

Attic Self Storage won the award because of a determination to make their storage facility in Bow environmentally friendly by reducing its carbon footprint, and using recycling wherever possible.

Our primary objective was to reduce the energy consumption in our storage facility and to make a contribution to saving the environment and planet!

Sonia Pirie the storage manager for the Bow Branch, said that “It feels good working for a company who cares”, customers often like to do business with companies that care and pay attention to detail.

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